As you head west, leaving Austin in your rearview mirror, your path takes you into the rolling hills and vineyards of the Texas Hill Country. Nestled right in the heart of the surrounding natural beauty is the charming city of Fredericksburg. Drawing everyone from wine lovers to adventurers, this is the ideal spot to jump on a bike and cycle through the winding roads.

Cycling in Fredericksburg offers riders everything from steep, heart-pumping climbs to leisurely wandering around town on pub crawls and wine tasting tours. If you’re looking to discover Fredericksburg on two wheels, then grab your helmet, your sunglasses, and a bottle of water, and get ready for a ride to remember!

Hill Country Traditional

lady mountain biking in Texas
Uphill cycle | Photo courtesy of Sangudo

36 Miles, Medium

Strap on your shoes and get your group together for a picturesque ride that takes parts of other acclaimed rides and puts them into a convenient 36-mile journey. Make that first climb up the Gypsum Mine Summit as you take in picturesque points of the aptly named “Little Switzerland” section of the ride. Featuring three steady climbs throughout the experience, this is great for bikers who are looking for a moderate challenge, rather than a back-breaking session, but you’ll definitely feel it tomorrow.

Fredericksburg to Kerrville Loop

71 Miles, Advanced

Leave the congestion of the city roads and head out into the remote beauty of the Texas Hill Country as you make your way from Fredericksburg to Kerrville and back again. On this locally-loved loop, you’ll climb out of the suburbs along the Pedernales River and enjoy the quiet and beautiful scenery surrounding the flowing water. Grab a bite to eat in Kerrville so you have the energy to climb the Guaderanles Ledge, and then coast back into Fredericksburg to grab a brew as a reward.


“Das Bier Wagon” Pub & Bar Crawl Tour

beer cycle in Fredericksburg
Beer and cyling | Photo courtesy of Caelie_Frampton

Customizable, Easy

No trip to Fredericksburg would be complete without sampling some of the local microbrews, wine stops, and unique bars. With room for up to 14 people total, the Das Bier Wagon tour is an ideal ride for adventure-loving groups looking to get out and about while pedaling through the historic district. The guide will customize the trip to the tastes of the group so you can dive into an ice-cold pint, or maybe a glass of local award-winning wine.

Thursday Night Group Ride

18 Miles, Easy

During Daylight Savings Time, head on down to Hondo’s on Main around 6 p.m. and join the other riders for a social ride through the city. See the sights, make some new friends, and hear from one of the local riders about insights and tips on the riding scene in Fredericksburg first-hand. This Thursday night group ride is the perfect choice for a casual meet-and-greet if you’re visiting, or if you’re new to town and want to get involved with the riding clubs.

“38 Special”

38 Miles, Medium

Named after either the legendary Southern Rock band, or simply the total mileage, this ride weaves through the Hill Country roads as the foothills of Fredericksburg paint the perfect backdrop for the scenic trip. With two muscle-taxing climbs up Grapetown Road and all the way to the top of Col de San Antonio, you’ll definitely be looking forward to the relaxing downhill portion that takes you back to your starting point at Marktplatz.


Dirt road in Texas Hill Country
Dirt road | Photo courtesy of Earl McGehee

23 Miles, Medium

If you’re looking for a relatively quick ride that will keep your muscles primed and ready for the longer hauls, then this is the one for you. Featuring over 1,100 feet of climbing, the pedal-pushing grades are not nearly as dramatic as other courses, making it accessible for skill levels ranging from beginners to experts. Add in the long stretches on Old Mason Road, which is known as one of the best riding streets in the area, and you have a quick go-to ride to get out in the fresh Texas air.

Texas Hell Week (Event)

Medium to Advanced

When the wildflowers begin to bloom in the beauty of Texas spring, get ready for a week of varying rides with nothing overly challenging. Known as one of the premier riding events in Texas, participants have the chance to dive into a wide range of expertly crafted and planned courses. With bikers flying in from all over the world to experience the Texas Hill Country at its finest, this is a “must” for anybody wanting to pedal through the rolling hills and vineyards.

Little Switzerland

42 Miles, Advanced

Hailed as one of the favorite rides among locals, Little Switzerland is aptly named for the foothill scenery and of course, the two limit-pushing climbs; Welgehausen and Swiss Miss. While you might be feeling the aches and pains of steep hills taunting you, the peace and tranquility of the rural setting provide the ideal ambiance to lose yourself in a good ride.

Hill Country Bike & Wine

Enchanted road in Texas
Enchanted road | Photo courtesy of Jeffrey W. Spencer

Customizable, Easy

Whether you’re out on a trip with friends or doing a unique team building experience for work, there is nothing better than pedaling from vineyard to vineyard learning about the terrain, history, and of course, tasting some wine. With a casual pace and roughly 10 miles between vineyards, your guide will take you through some incredible Fredericksburg wineries in style while you enjoy the scenery flying by on your way to your next flight.

Fredericksburg’s bike trails include a smorgasbord of country roads, steep climbs, and rolling hills that, together, offer every style and level of difficulty for riders. With plenty of top-tier bike shops in town and a seemingly endless array of courses to choose from, it’s only a matter of time before you find your favorite ride.

Featured photo courtesy of  Alexey Lin

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Author: Ryan Stevens

Ryan’s love of boutique wines and small batch brews has fueled his writings and travels. Sharing local secrets is his specialty, from taking travelers to the hidden vineyards and gems of the Willamette Valley to showcasing the best spots to pop in and grab a pint in San Diego.