Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Middle-earth, the magical setting for The Lord of the Rings series? While you won’t be able to visit Lothlórien or Mount Doom anytime soon, these rentals, which range from cozy hobbit holes to a cave-like home Gimli would love, capture the spirit of Tolkien’s rich fantasy landscape. Check out our top picks, and start dreaming of the Lord of the Rings vacation to rule them all.

The Shire

Bag End – Mendocino, CA

Bag End vacation home in Mendocino

Tour Bag End.

Calling all hobbits! The aptly named Bag End is the perfect cabin for you, offering a forested outdoor space, spacious kitchen for easily preparing second breakfast, and an electronic entertainment-free interior that will make unplugging easy. Bring along your favorite Tolkien book and lose yourself in the story all over again.

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Charming Pucón Retreat – Pucón, Chile

Pucon vacation rental bedroom

Tour Charming Pucón Retreat.

Tucked away among the rolling grasslands and babbling creeks of Chile’s La Araucanía region, this welcoming cabin is especially well suited for families. Whether you’re a Baggins or a Took, you’re sure to feel right at home with the round exterior, rustic furnishings, and natural surroundings. Children will want to spend all day playing on the handmade playground, while adults will have a hard time leaving the property’s tinaja caliente, a round, heated outdoor tub that would coax a smile from old Gaffer himself.

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Luxury Big Bear Escape – Big Bear City, CA

Luxury Big Bear vacation home

Tour Luxury Big Bear Escape.

Channeling Rivendell and its dream-like waterfalls, this stunner in Southern California has magical amenities around every corner. (Yes, that includes an indoor hot tub with a waterfall feature right in the living room!) Elves will gaze in awe at the castle-like exterior, natural interior decor scheme, and elegant furnishings.

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Lion Fish Retreat @ Swan Villas – Placencia, Belize

Swan Villas condo in Belize

Tour Swan Villas.

This tropical condo in Belize rings true to the spirit of the elves—it was built mindfully and with the concept of organic architecture. Harmoniously blending modern comforts with the beauty of nature, guests at this retreat might feel the lines blurring between the human world and the outdoors. Soft edges, nature-inspired decor, and restful features including beach access and an infinity pool might have you mistaking this property for the Grey Havens.

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House at Dragons Cove – Yachats, OR

Yachats Dragons Cove vacation rental

Tour House at Dragons Cove.

Enchanting is the best word to describe House at Dragons Cove, an oceanfront property complete with tide pools, wildflower gardens, a private hot tub, and many cozy spots (both inside and out) where you can sit and let your imagination wander. The decorations throughout the house and the art pieces outside set the scene for a whimsical elven retreat.

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Panther Ranch Estate & Guest House – Donnelly, ID

Panther Ranch Guest House in Donnelly

Tour Panther Ranch Estate & Guest House.

The people of Rohan live closely with the land and animals, especially horses. Located on a working cattle ranch and offering a hot tub and access to the on-site horse stables, the rustic-chic Panther Ranch Guest House seamlessly blends that love of the outdoors with a homey space perfect for relaxing after a day spent exploring the pastures on horseback.

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Misty Mountains

Casa El Aljibe – Los Valles, Spain

Casa el Aljibe in the Canary Islands

Tour Casa El Aljibe.

Is the snowy weather blocking your Fellowship’s path over the Pass of Caradhras? Travel under it instead, and live like a dwarf with a stay in this one-of-a-kind rental lovingly restored from a 200-year-old water reservoir. Soak in the Canary Islands sunshine or take a dip in the pool outside, then head indoors to the sheer rock walls and local art of this home. The domed ceilings provide excellent acoustics, so go ahead and use the high-definition sound system to play the movie soundtracks and set the tone for your Lord of the Rings vacation.

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Author: Melodie Seble

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