Park City’s galleries make art of all sorts, from fine art to LEGO art, approachable and interesting. They understand that not all people are looking to analyze a piece of art, and that what draws us to art is not just the intellect, but something magical and unnamed.

Whether you’re participating in a Last Friday Gallery Stroll or simply wandering through historic Main Street on your own, Park City’s galleries are waiting to be explored. Who knows? You may find a keepsake you can’t live without!

Fine Art

Gallery Mar

Gallery Mar in park city
Gallery Mar | Photo courtesy of Ken Lund

Perfect for a date night, fine art galleries are a unique way to feel fancy and urban, even in a rustic mountain town. Gallery Mar is a great stepping stone into the world of contemporary fine art. This space offers a variety of mediums for guests to enjoy, from oil painting and mixed media to bronze and glass work. Gallery Mar also opens exhibitions every two weeks, with snacks and a chat with the artist.

Park City Fine Art

Park City Fine Art is a nostalgic nod to the West as it was (and is) with a collection of paintings and sculptures that all follow the same theme: the epic Western landscape and its wild inhabitants—both animal and man. If you are a fan of gorgeous paintings of wildlife and mountain landscapes, you’re sure to find a piece here you’ll want to take home.

Kimball Art Center

Lego exhibition at the Kimball Art Center
LEGO exhibition at the Kimball Art Center | Photo courtesy of Jeremy Franklin

Sometimes, though, you just crave the cultural experience of walking through a museum. Stop by an exhibit at the Kimball Art Center, a nonprofit art center and host of the annual summer Kimball Arts Festival, the Center’s largest fundraiser of the year that includes free yoga in the mornings and after-festival events like concerts, rodeo exhibitions, and Sundance movie screenings.

Meyer Gallery

This fine art gallery is also a historical point of interest—it’s even included in the Park City Museum’s historic walking tour! The Meyer Gallery’s mission is to provide the public a comfortable viewing space for many different types of artwork, from the abstract and surreal to studies in portraits and landscapes. Expect to see a variety of mediums as well, including pastel, oil painting, sculpture, and photography. The gallery often puts on events and solo shows, making it a perfect date night option.


Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery

Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery in downtown Park City
Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery | Photo courtesy of Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery

If you enjoy getting up close to wildlife, check out the photographs at the Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery. You’re probably familiar with Mangelsen’s work—it’s often depicted on greeting cards. His images are striking (and sometimes silly)—check out his photographs of bears, somehow both imposing and goofy.

Hands-on Art

The Paint Mixer

The Paint Mixer in Park City
The Paint Mixer | Photo courtesy of The Paint Mixer

Perhaps all of these Park City art galleries have gotten you inspired? Why not try your hand at making art? The Paint Mixer is a hands-on gallery where students follow a step-by-step process to recreate a piece of art. Loosen up the nerves and get the creative juices flowing with a paired wine service, which includes on-site wine education! The perfect activity to share with your traveling companions, guests get to take home the piece they create for a truly special keepsake.

Vacation is the time to experience a town’s essence, and art galleries, like a town’s local bars and restaurants, inform its character. Next time you’re visiting Park City, take a break from the gorgeous scenery to stroll through the galleries and discover Park City’s soul.

Featured photo courtesy of Sarah Sampsel

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Author: Hannah Morrison

Hannah hails from Telluride, CO and currently lives in Portland, where she works as writer, editor, and unofficial resident poet for Team Vacasa. You'll often find Hannah singing and dancing down the sidewalk, making really tall sandwiches, and planning her next long run.