Comprehensive, marketing-focused management fee

Our management fee is comprehensive and competitively priced, and we reinvest in your home each year with our extensive marketing plan. Additionally, our fee covers many services other management firms typically charge extra for, like travel agency commissions, credit card fees, changing lightbulbs, and providing supplies. If you are new to renting your home, we can also help arrange the permits and details required to set up your property.

Innovative technology

Our advanced rate algorithm and analysis tools are breaking new ground in vacation rental management. Just as hotels don’t charge a “summer rate” and a “winter rate,” neither do we; instead, we automatically optimize rates year-round, ensuring that your home is truly maximizing its potential in terms of occupancy and income. We also conduct an in-depth analysis of every property: if a home is underperforming, we find out why, and we solve the problem.

Flexible owner use

At Vacasa, we realize the reason you purchased a vacation home was so that you could enjoy it. For this reason — unlike many of our competitors — we don’t impose strict limits on when you can vacation in your own home.

Industry-leading reservations team

Our reservations team, located wherever we manage homes, is available every day from 4am to 11pm, and they’re the best in the business. Our extensive training process equips our staff to convert inquiries into bookings, carefully screen travelers, and troubleshoot issues with current guests, minimizing unnecessary maintenance charges.

A strong local presence

We have a manager on call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In each of our local markets, we have a strong local team of reservationists, housekeepers, handymen, and other service providers. If a problem arises, our on-call manager will work with these local providers to solve the issue.

Exceptional housekeepers

We believe that housekeepers are truly the backbone of our company, and a key ingredient in a positive guest experience. We hire the best housekeepers in each destination, and we retain them by offering a year-round living wage and plenty of advancement opportunities in an industry known for its seasonal fluctuations.

No long-term contracts

We believe that property management companies should retain homeowners by providing excellent service and financial results, not by locking them in to long term agreements, and the 3,000+ satisfied homeowners in our Vacasa family seem to agree. If you aren’t happy with our performance, you can choose to stop renting your home at any time. We ask only that existing reservations be honored in consideration of our guests.

An impressive guarantee

If another vacation rental firm currently manages your home, we guarantee that you will earn more during your first year with Vacasa. If you currently manage your home by yourself, we guarantee that you will earn at least as much with Vacasa managing your home, even after our management fee. If not, we will refund the difference, up to the full amount of our management fee.

Hire local, spend local, grow local

As our business grows, so does our commitment to reinvest in the beautiful destinations that make our success possible. In addition to creating jobs for local residents, we cultivate partnerships with local businesses, sponsor community events, and work with area organizations to promote tourism and economic growth.

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Author: Allison Busse

Allison is the Senior Content Marketing Specialist at Vacasa in Portland, Oregon. She creates resources for vacation rental homeowners with the help of Vacasa's team of experts. Outside of work Allison loves hiking, biking, cooking, and reading.