Vacasa takes great care to ensure that the guests we invite into your home are courteous and respectful. Our reservations team is trained to screen out any dubious guests. We’re alert for any sign that guests might not treat your home with consideration and care, such as:

  • ✔ A weekend reservation of all adults, at or near capacity
  • ✔ Guests who have trouble making the required payments
  • ✔ Reservations made with college email addresses
  • ✔ Guests whose communications lack the maturity we associate with a formal transaction

Vacasa seeks out families, solo travelers, old friends, mothers and daughters, newlyweds, and other folks who want to create awesome memories and forge new bonds in your home.

No parties on the premises

Vacasa enforces a firm no-party policy to respect your home and your neighbors. The maximum occupancy restricts the number of people allowed on the property at any time, not just for the night. Neighbors and local managers are empowered to inform the appropriate authorities if there is a noise violation after 10pm. Our local managers are well-versed in differentiating between appropriate guest celebration and misuse of your property.

Protecting your property

We train our dedicated housekeepers to notice and immediately report any damage that occurs during a guest stay. For time-sensitive repairs that cost less than $100, Vacasa will oversee maintenance and deduct the cost from your monthly statement. If a necessary repair costs more than $100, we’ll get in touch with you. Either way, you’ll be notified of any damage. In the event that a guest is clearly responsible, they will be charged.

Keep in mind that, thanks to our painstaking screening procedures, guest damage occurs very rarely.

Cultivating long-term relationships

Vacasa’s goal is to make vacation rentals easy for guests and homeowners alike. We want our booking process to be effortless, we want our guest services to be impeccable, and we want our guests to create unforgettable memories – again and again. We understand that one of the best ways to grow our business is to build a base of repeat clients – guests who stay in Vacasa homes again and again because of the overwhelmingly positive experiences they’ve had. This approach is good business for Vacasa, and it’s good business for you.

Meticulous Guest Screening for Your Vacation Rental
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Author: Allison Busse

Allison is the Senior Content Marketing Specialist at Vacasa in Portland, Oregon. She creates resources for vacation rental homeowners with the help of Vacasa's team of experts. Outside of work Allison loves hiking, biking, cooking, and reading.