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This is Vacasa.

A full-service vacation rental management company dedicated to providing exceptional experiences for homeowners and guests.

All across the globe, we help people enjoy their vacations.

How do we do it?

By providing the best of both worlds:

Local teams delivering hands-on care AND industry-leading technology from our central support team.

Because at Vacasa, we’re more than just a website. We are property managers, housekeepers, reservation agents, and support teams.

We’re also a tech company based in Portland, Oregon. We are engineers, developers, analysts, and marketers, and we use innovative technology to level the playing field between vacation rental homeowners and big-name hotels.

Where did it all begin?

Right here, in this 400-square-foot beach cottage. Back in 2009, our founder Eric and his wife Alia figured they could make more money renting it on their own than through a local property manager. A lot more.

Eric used technology and data to make vacation rentals easier, and better, for homeowners and guests.

That’s how Vacasa was born.

Where are we today?

Vacasa manages more than 3,500 vacation homes in 14 states and 5 foreign countries, and we’re adding more homes every day.

But there’s a lot of room to grow!

There are 7,700,000 vacation homes in the U.S. alone. 3,900,000 are rented by their owners…and 3,500 are managed by Vacasa.

As you can see, we’re just getting started, and our future is bright.

So this is Vacasa: Local teams. Industry-changing technology. Vacation rentals made easy.

Vacasa: Passionately providing great experiences every day.

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Author: Vacasa

Vacasa provides comprehensive vacation rental management services to make owners more money with less stress.