Vacasa’s customer experience team takes on the important task of representing Vacasa on the frontlines 24 hours a day, every day of the year. As the main point of contact for all guests who have a reservation number, the customer experience team helps answer questions and meet the needs of our guests.

This includes questions about a specific property or the local area, changing and canceling reservations, adding and removing amenities, and resolving any issues – dispatching to field staff if a site visit is required.

Customer experience also handles guest reviews, manages the intake of refund requests, and oversees all third-party channel inquiries and bookings.

Fun fact: The current customer experience team has collectively been employed at Vacasa for 24,540 days – that’s 67.23 years!

To get the inside scoop on what the team is up to, we spoke with Nate Tomlinson, Vacasa’s Director of Customer Experience.

Give us a snapshot of your team.

We have 49 people in our department working from Oregon, California, Georgia, Florida, Idaho, Massachusetts, Texas, Washington, Utah, and even Australia! Our team is made up of six team leads, eight senior specialists, and 34 agents.

How has your team changed over the years?

We’ve worked hard to regionally align our team leads to improve our communication flow. For example, our guest services dashboard provides high-level metrics to help monitor the health of the department, and our agent metrics dashboard allows agents to monitor their own efficiency.

We’ve also rebuilt our new hire training program, and as a result our agents are now comfortable with 80 percent of the calls we take after just two weeks on the job.

What is something your team is proud of?

We’ve worked hard to make sure we’re responding to inbound inquiries in a timely manner, and we consistently meet our goals on this front. Barring technical issues, we respond to emails within 90 minutes and voicemails within 15 – though we rarely receive voicemails these days as we’ve improved our call-in process significantly.

Tell us about a recent win your team has had.

December 30 was one of our busiest days last year. Despite having 18 fewer agents on staff than during peak season, we got through the day with almost zero voicemails.

Has your team had any recent promotions you can share?

In the last year, 26 of our agents have been promoted into departments outside of customer experience, including business development, finance, HR, recruiting, integrations, operations, marketing, admin, and sales. We’ve also had eight promotions within the department.

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