Allowing dogs in your vacation rental is proven to increase bookings and profits. Whether you’ve been allowing pets for a while or are just now considering it, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks for making your home as pet-friendly as possible!

dog on porch with tennis ball

Supply some goodies.

Go the extra mile to fully commit to your guests and their pets. Stocking your home with a stash of dog food, bowls, a few toys, and some treats is sure to make pet owners and their four-legged companions feel extra cared for. The more guests feel their furry family members are welcome, the more likely they’ll want to book again.

Use old sheets and towels as doggie supplies.

Have old sheets and towels that are worse for wear? Offer them up for your fluffy guests and their owners! The sheets can be used to cover furniture so pets and owners can relax together without compromising cleanliness, while towels are perfect for cleaning paws and fur after a day of adventuring.

Invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner.

If you’re expecting frequent four-legged guests, you’ll need a reliable vacuum that doesn’t clog easily and has enough suction power to pick up pet hair and dander. Be sure to choose one that’s best equipped for the type of flooring you have. If you already have a vacuum you trust, look for pet-specific attachments to help remove pet hair.

Don’t forget the outdoors.

Speaking of adventuring, playtime is a must for keeping dogs healthy. If you don’t have a large, enclosed yard, try fencing off just a small section as a restroom for Spot. This ensures that pups are only using the loo in a specific area, making cleanup much easier and keeping the rest of your outdoor space protected.

pet policy for allowing pets in rentals

Set a pet policy so guests know what to expect.

It’s up to you what kinds of dogs you want in your home and how you expect them to behave, so be sure to have a pet policy in place that’s unique to your home. This can include anything from weight limitations and breed restrictions to house rules or pet fees. The more information you can provide to guests, the smoother their stay will be.

Make it easy to keep pets safe.

Baby gates can help block off sections of your home that you don’t want pets to explore or that may not be safe for them. Make sure any cabinets with food or potentially toxic cleaning supplies are secured so pets don’t accidentally get into them.

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Author: Katie Dobbs

Katie is the Marketing Analyst Intern at Vacasa in Portland, Oregon. She specializes in using data to write informative content for homeowners. Outside of work, Katie is an expert dog-petter who loves adventuring, cooking, record store hopping, and pugs.