Owning a vacation rental is rewarding and profitable enterprise. We know—we help thousands of owners all around the country make the most of their rental homes.

That being said, there are a few things you may not anticipate about running a busy home that, in hindsight, should be obvious. With more people coming in and out, things may get worn out more often. Linens and towels easily see the most use, and if they’re not frequently replaced, will start looking worse for the wear.

But it’s almost impossible to swap out all the towels and sheets in your home the moment they need replacing, and it’s a terrible thing to see a guest post a bad review because they checked in to find dirty sheets or worn out towels.

Of course, there’s always the option to just allow your linens and towels to languish and hope that guests don’t notice—but at what cost? Let’s break it down.

When you regularly replace your towels and sheets…

  • Your guests get that “hotel spa” feel.
  • The uniformity creates a professional and relaxing environment.
  • There’s extra potential for good reviews.
  • Guests feel like your home was specially prepared for their stay.
  • Who doesn’t love big fluffy towels?

But when you don’t…

  • Guests get a bad first impression.
  • Residue may be  left on towels and sheets (hair, stains, etc).
  • There are extra loads of laundry for the cleaners.
  • The non-matching items come across as kitschy—and not good kitschy.
  • You experience a higher risk of bad reviews.

Some seasoned independent owners who come to us for help are unfortunately familiar with experiences of the latter variety. So we added yet another service to our already long list of management offerings—a linen and towels replacement program.

Here’s how it works: after every guest stay, our professional housekeeping staff inspects each and every sheet and towel in the house, replacing any that show even the slightest signs of wear and tear. They’re replaced with the premium, white bed linens and bath towels that have become a cornerstone of the Vacasa standard. Every new guest gets to experience the comfort of totally fresh linens, and fluffy towels.

Want to learn about the other ways we streamline your life as a vacation rental owner? Check out The Vacasa Difference.

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Author: Evan Miler

Evan produces content for Vacasa in Portland, OR. He works closely with Vacasa's industry experts to produce helpful information for vacation rental homeowners. Outside of writing, Evan enjoys travel, backpacking, and Oregon's many breweries.