Vacation rental estimator FAQs

Vacasa’s Vestimator calculator is a tool that estimates the gross rental proceeds a property could generate if offered as a vacation rental, based on information about the performance of similar vacation rental properties.

The calculator’s estimate is not a guarantee—it is intended to be a starting point as you consider renting out a vacation home. Actual rental proceeds could differ substantially from this estimate and depend on many factors outside our knowledge or control, such as the property's condition, layout, and furnishings; existing and future regulations; current and future economic, social, and political trends and conditions; and weather and environmental factors. Vacasa makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, about the accuracy of this estimate.

The results are generated by a machine learning algorithm that was designed by our team of data scientists. Each estimate analyzes historic pricing, revenue, occupancy, demand, geographic, and demographic data from sources like public census records, real estate listings, vacation rental bookings, and our own portfolio.

Yes—our data scientists are constantly improving the calculator as we gather more information. We try to be as accurate as possible overall, but there's always variance within any given market (some estimates are spot-on, others not so much).

Currently, more than 70% of estimates end up being within 25% of the property’s actual rental income.

The accuracy of the calculator might be off if our underlying data isn’t correct—details like square footage and historic pricing. If you think the data on your property is incorrect, contact us at 888-847-3340 and we’ll work with you to update it.

We assume that properties are in very good condition (nicely furnished, with modern amenities). If you have a particularly unique or upscale property—or are looking at a property that needs substantial renovations or improvements—let us know and we can provide a custom estimate.

Our employees can tweak a few of the calculator’s underlying data points for a home (such as the condition of the property). It’s always good to confirm data from a model with our experts in your specific market. If you’re not already in touch with a local representative, call us at 888-847-3340.