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The process of buying a vacation home can be challenging, and consumers are seeking a real estate solution that is simple and transparent. Vacasa is responding to this changing consumer demand by rapidly innovating in the real estate space, aiming to bring the best experience to buyers and sellers of vacation homes.

Think of Vacasa as the link between verified home buyers and sellers and expert real estate agents. No matter which side of the equation you’re on, we’ll get you connected. And if you’re an Expert Agent in an area with a local Vacasa services, we’ll put you in touch with one of our outstanding homeowner consultants.

Vacasa Real Estate provides our Expert Agents with verified buyer and seller clients. We also offer top-notch data-driven tools, including rental income projections, that help our partner agents succeed. In all of our markets, we continue to support our partner agents by giving them the tools they need to be successful.

By offering detailed income projections and management services for vacation homes, Vacasa helps real estate professionals provide additional advantages to any clients considering buying a vacation home as an investment property. Owning a second home is expensive—and maintaining it can be time-consuming. Vacasa helps new owners of vacation homes make the most of their investment.

It’s free—the only requirement is that you be a licensed agent or broker and an expert in your market.

Yes. Vacasa sends real estate referrals to the best agents in-market, and to those who have registered in our Expert Agent program. There is a 25% broker-to-broker referral fee if and when you close business that’s sourced from Vacasa.

Vacasa sends referrals via email, phone call, and/or text message. Message and data rates may apply.

Above all, we send qualified leads to agents with a track record of client satisfaction. Other factors we consider include experience selling vacation rentals, history of working with Vacasa, and responsiveness to client inquiries.

Vacasa is focused on the quality of leads—not quantity. The clients we refer are action-oriented buyers and sellers with a commensurately high close rate.

We will launch online training for our Expert Agents in 2019. Sign up for the Expert Agent program or email to find out more.

Yes. Vacasa has always employed brokers and agents in certain states where short-term rentals are regulated by the local real estate commission. We started with this solid base of real estate professionals around the country and are now expanding the team in a number of ways. In addition to the 600+ partner agents and brokers who have joined our Expert Agent Network since we launched Vacasa Real Estate, we are adding Vacasa-employed and independent agents in select markets. Browse current job openings.

Vacasa continues to invest in ways to help partner agents better support their clients interested in buying a vacation home. In addition to the industry-leading income projections from our vacation rental income calculator, we’re eager to provide Seller’s Packages that will help agents sell homes faster—and for more money. This can include prior revenue data, professional photographs, a 3D tour of the home, and upcoming bookings, all of which mean more cash in hand for the buyer.

Bottom line, for any property management referral that an agent brings to Vacasa, we will always notify the agent or broker if the referred homeowner is looking to sell. We want to give the client back to the referral source so they can pursue the transaction if desired.

Property management services

We aim to be an end-to-end solution for our clients—a one-stop shop. We help them select a market to buy in, buy a property, design it, manage it, and sell it when the time is right. We also offer in-person consultations to show homeowners how to get the most out of their investment properties.

Vacasa works hard to ensure that all of the homes in its portfolio are fully permitted and compliant with local regulations. While the regulatory landscape is always shifting, the local Vacasa representative in your region will always have the latest information.

Yes, short-term rentals require more comprehensive coverage than what typical homeowners insurance will cover. In addition to traditional homeowners insurance, short-term rental insurance is required for all Vacasa homeowners. Vacasa works closely with our partner Assurant to provide supplemental protection tailor-made for vacation rental homes and guests.

Management fees vary per market and depend on a wide variety of factors. Email to request an income projection and the management fee for a specific home.

Our comprehensive management fee covers everything from marketing across 25+ different booking channels to rate optimization to professional home cleaning. Our local care teams provide regular maintenance and 24/7 guest assistance for any concerns that arise before, during, or after a stay in your client’s home.

Once a homeowner has signed a management agreement with Vacasa and we gather details about the property (such as the home’s permits and amenities), it typically takes 7–10 business days to get the home listed on all of our marketing channels. We photograph and write the advertising copy for the home, too!

Of course, since most new investment homes come unfurnished, it’s wise to allow extra time for decorating the home so it looks its best for guests and for online listings. If your client needs design assistance, Vacasa has an interior design team to help create the optimal guest experience. Learn about our design services.

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Vacasa offers property management and other real estate services directly and through licensed subsidiaries, including Vacasa Alabama; Vacasa Arizona LLC; Vacasa Florida; Vacasa Hawaii; Vacasa Louisiana; Vacasa Michigan LLC; Vacasa Montana; Vacasa Nevada LLC; Vacasa New Hampshire LLC; Vacasa New Mexico LLC; Vacasa New York; Vacasa Pennsylvania LLC; Vacasa Tennessee; Vacasa South Carolina LLC; Vacasa Resort Rentals of Hilton Head Island LLC; Vacasa Virginia LLC; Vacasa Wisconsin LLC.