How to sell a vacation home faster—and for more money

Listing a home that would make a great vacation rental? Follow these five easy steps to give buyers information they need to make an informed decision and move quickly with an offer.

Step 1: Include a rental income projection

Include a rental income projection in your listing and advertisements to give fellow agents and buyers an idea of the home’s earning potential.

Step 2: Show prior revenue trends

Has the home you’re selling been rented before? Get data on at least two years of historical rental income so buyers can see trends. Draw attention to the amount of time the owner used the property—if they used it often, emphasize the potential for better returns with more moderate personal use.

Step 3: Make a property manager connection

Connect buyers with property management companies so they can learn more about how other owners have been successful in the market and see if the home will pay for itself. Property management companies can also help a potential buyer understand city, county, and state permitting, including any special association requirements.

Step 4: Use professional photos

Professional photos are key for markets where buyers are looking at homes remotely. If the home is professionally managed, the property manager may be willing to share their photos with you. Use those photos in your listing, or get a professional involved to take great photos and create a 3D tour of the property.

Step 5: Mention that the property is a vacation rental or second home

Inform your listings! Include the rental projection and historical income data in your MLS attached documents. Mentioning that the home is currently a successful income-generating property is a huge selling point. Reference the number of positive reviews the home has on important rental channels.

Many investors dream of owning a second home that is already optimized as a vacation rental. Communicating the potential rental income, historical financials, and regulatory information in your listing will differentiate it from countless others that are not optimized as vacation rental listings.

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