Forgotten Coast

Sugar-sand beaches and highway accessibility generate a steady stream of guests and great annual rental revenue in Mexico Beach, Port St. Joe, and Cape San Blas, Florida.

Update, October 12, 2018: Hurricane Michael has wrought widespread destruction throughout the Florida Panhandle and surrounding areas. This is an area where Vacasa has a sizable community of guests, homeowners, and employees. We are currently executing our disaster recovery plan to ensure everyone is safe and secure. Vacasa is committed to helping employees, guests, and owners recover as quickly as possible. We would especially like to thank our local teams who have rallied together to support each other through these circumstances. Our heart is with you, Forgotten Coast.


Florida's Forgotten Coast is named for its serene, undeveloped character and relatively small population. Only 12 miles apart, Port St. Joe and Mexico Beach sit in different time zones, drawing guests from around the world to ring in a tropical New Year in Port St. Joe then shuttle north to Mexico Beach to celebrate all over again. This entire region is easily driveable—guests can head south of Port St. Joe to Cape San Blas for more privacy, increased luxury, and the possibility of catching a glimpse of one of the country music stars who reside in the area.

Insider tip

The rental communities get a little quieter and a lot more luxurious as you head down Florida’s Hidden Coast from Mexico Beach to Cape San Blas. More crowded and with the most hustle and bustle of the region, Mexico Beach is a great place to invest in a condo. Just down the road (but it feels like a world away), family-friendly Port St. Joe delivers more privacy, reliable bookings, and the area’s only Piggly Wiggly. With five- to seven-day average stays and a diverse selection of luxury vacation rental real estate in gated subdivisions, Cape San Blas has an abundance of properties that can deliver a strong return on investment.

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