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USA Texas Galveston Listing #3800

Gulf View Getaway - Galveston, TX

62 Reviews
Max Occupancy: 6 1 Queen Bed, 2 Twin Bed, 1 Sofa Bed 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom No Pets 
6300 Seawall Blvd, #6102, Galveston, TX 77551

Modern condo across from the seawall with shared pools, hot tubs & a gym!

Have a beach-themed family holiday with a stay in this charming Galveston vacation rental. With resort-style amenities like pools, hot tubs, and a fitness center, and a remarkable location across from the Seawall, this cozy rental is just the place to get away from it all!

Located about four miles from the Strand, and two miles on either side from various theme parks, this peaceful condo complex is an oasis unto itself with a prime location for exploration.

Set in slate blue tones with beachy decor and views of the Gulf, this condo is a pocket of serenity in your busy vacation. Grab the remote to flip through the cable channels, watch a funny cat video on YouTube via WiFi, or grab your favorite book and head out to the deck for views and a nice sea breeze.

The modern kitchenette with a gray-toned backsplash is just right for light meals or snacks. Make your first cup of coffee and stash cream in the mini-fridge, fry up a few eggs on the two-top burner, pop popcorn in the microwave, and put dirty dishes in the dishwasher. The compact size of the kitchen makes it easy for guests to enjoy Galveston's many eateries on the Strand and down the coast line!

This one-bedroom home ensures a good night's sleep for up to six guests (four adults maximum please). There's a queen bed in the bedroom, with a full bathroom next to it complete with a stand-up shower. There's a sofa bed in the living room for a second couple to share, and a set of bunk beds in the hallway just perfect for two kiddos.

This is a great family rental. Even guests who prefer not to deal with stairs can enjoy this condo with the nearby elevator, and there's a shared laundry room for the essential mid-vacation wash.

This condo complex keeps guests busy with two heated pools and two whirlpools tucked away in the garden, a tennis court (don't forget your racquets!), and a fitness/game room so parents can work out while the kids practice their Ping-Pong skills. And all resort fees are included in your rental rate, so there's no need to worry about additional charges!

Grab your fishing rods and hit the 61st Street Fishing Pier, or walk a short ways to the beach on the other side of the Seawall for a day of building sand castles and sipping cool drinks under an umbrella.

Family-friendly activities abound in this area. The old and young are sure to enjoy the zany Historic Pleasure Pier with its carnival attractions and greasy spoon eateries. Visit the Moody Gardens for a game of golf while the kids walk through the aquarium and natural history museum, then meet up for an IMAX viewing. Stay cool and get soaked at Schlitterbahn, a water park of epic proportions.

And after you've done it all, come back to the comfort of your own Texas vacation rental!

* The Victorian Condo Association will collect a Facility Access Fee from all bookings to cover parking and pool access. The fee is $20 for reservations up to 15 days and $40 per month over 15 days.

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Boogie Board

Gym/Fitness Room

Tennis : Shared


Washer Dryer : Shared

Central AC

Pool : Shared









Wireless Router


Snowbird Friendly


Hot Tub : Shared


62 Reviews

Arlan D. Aug 2018
We traveled here from North Texas the last weekend of August 2018 - my husband, myself, and our 3 kids (ages 19, 18, and 4). We stayed from Thursday through Sunday. Because we weren't sure if we were going to be able to take a vacation until last minute, we did not book this room until 2 days prior to our arrival.

I will get the cons out of the way first.

• There were no clear instructions (or instructions at all, period) on how to lock the main entry door when exiting the room. We tried over and over and couldn't figure it out, so I called Vacasa. They tried instructing me through it, even giving me the code to get the keys out of the lockbox, but I still couldn't figure it out. They called in an emergency work order to get someone out to fit in. Meanwhile, after a good 10 minutes working on it, my husband finally figured it out. You have to enter the code into the digital keypad, then physically turn the latch to lock it. It is easy as pie after you figure it out, but we were left to learn it on our own.
• There was an annoying knocking or dripping noise coming from the ceiling at the entryway, so you can hear it clearly in all rooms. It is unavoidable. It occurred all hours of the day and night and kept my husband awake every night and annoyed the rest of us. A definite problem that needed to be fixed. We will never return to this particular room for this reason alone. The noise was more prominent after the person above us drained their bathwater, so I assume it's the sound of water in the pipes.
• Also, after they drained their bathwater, it started slowly dripping water in our bathroom entryway (I have video footage of it). We put a towel on the floor to catch it.
• As someone else mentioned, the floors are definitely dirty. They need a good mopping.
• Took me 10 minutes to figure out how to properly work the 2 burner stovetop. The knob on the right turns on the top burner and the knob on the left turns on the bottom burner. I don't know about the bottom burner, but as for the top burner, in order to turn it to high, turn the knob counter clockwise slightly to the left. Took several minutes for me to heat it up, but it did eventually work. A bit annoying how small it is. You can't cook 2 things at once.
• The couch sinks in pretty bad, and once folded out as a bed it is not functional at all. The left side is completely caved in. If you plan on bringing enough people for someone to sleep there, don't plan on this condo. Look elsewhere.
• The ball of hair that someone else complained about in the shower is still there.
• The toilet didn't flush super well for us. Be careful about loading too much in there, if you know what I mean. Let's just we had a situation where the plunger didn't do its job and we had to break out a trash bag and gloves.
• No oven (which we went into this knowing).
• The curtain covering the balcony door would fall off every time you tried moving the curtain out of the way. I read about this happening in previous comments. My husband said it looks like all it would take is a quick drill of a screw to fix it.
• Vacasa, the owner of this room, never responded to 2 separate emails I sent them asking questions about the amenities that were not listed. Granted, we only booked 2 days prior to arrival and perhaps that wasn't enough time for them to respond, but, at the same time...2 whole business days went by without a single response! In fact, days later and I still never received a response. Also, the first rep I spoke with from Vacasa our first day to inform I couldn't figure out how to lock our door had a slight sarcastic attitude. I was having a hard time hearing him over the phone due to commotion going on around me, and he would keep talking over me asking if I could hear him, but it was in a definite rude-and-annoyed-but-trying-to-not-act-rude-and-annoyed way. He needed to be a bit more understanding that I am his company's customer who was supposed to be enjoying a vacation but was instead concerned about a door I couldn't figure out how to lock. I believe a rep needs to go above and beyond to convey sympathy and understanding, and not once ever make a customer feel bad for having to inconvenience the rep with a phone call. The second rep I spoke with on a different date, however, was kind and polite.
• I received an email at 11:30 AM the day before our departure stating we could spend $23 more for late check out at 7 PM rather than 11 AM. I didn't think we would need it until 11 PM when our vehicle broke down and I had a feeling we would need a place for our kids to lay their heads longer while we worked on it. However, when I went to sign up online, it stated it was too late. I thought maybe the room had already been booked for the next night, but I checked and it wasn't. So, I called Vacasa to ask if we could please sign up for late check out, and I was told it had ended at 10 PM. I informed the rep we were broken down and didn't know we would need late check out until last minute, but it did not matter. I understand rules are rules, but sheesh. This is one of the problems of dealing with a big company who owns one of these condos rather than an actual individual who might show some sympathy.
• The parking garage is a tight fit - we had to back up and pull back in several times each time to get in there good. Not a dealbreaker, just a bit annoying.
• There was a leak under the kitchen sink. Didn't affect us any, but I noticed about an inch of water in a container that was sitting under there.
• Not enough storage space for dry foods
• No fire extinguisher
• Closet at the entryway is a bit junked up with paint cans, old window blinds, a light cover, the top off a trash can, etc. There is a stiffer mop but no swiffer wipes. There is no vacuum. There is a broom that is broken and no dustpan.
• No kitchen table, but that is not a deal breaker. There are 4 barstools at the counter to eat at.
• Security lock on entrance door broken.
• Comforter on queen bed isn't large enough. My husband and I woke up throughout the night sweating. Bed sheets are rough and scratchy.
• There is a light at the top bunk bed but no light bulb.
• While all the other rooms get plenty cool, the living area by the balcony never got cool enough.

• Location, location, location!! From the balcony, there is an excellent, close-up view of the beach to the left, and a close-up view of one of the 2 pools to the right. It is on the first floor, which is actually like being on the second floor because it is above the parking garage, but if you don't feel like taking the stairs there is an elevator fairly close by. Also, the ice machine is on the same floor not too far away. Only a short walk across the (very busy) street to the beach!
• Very modern, updated look. Beautiful blue walls, nice-looking furniture and decor. Sure, it's all a tad worn and there are scuff marks/missing paint on several spots on the wall, but, overall, I still liked it. :-) Remote controlled fan/light in bedroom and living room.
• We were given the option to check in 5 hours prior to normal arrival (so 11 AM instead of 4 PM); however, we were not notified until about 9 PM the night before our check-in day, via email. Had we known sooner, we would have planned on heading out on our 6.5 hour trip a lot sooner. At the same time, I still consider the early check-in option a pro, as they didn't have to grant us this, and I'm sure they didn't know until the last minute if the property would be ready for us earlier or not.
• I saw some reviews complaining about the comfort of the queen bed in the bedroom, but, other than the too small comforter and scratchy sheets, I liked it and slept well. It is firmish, with a slight memory foam feel to the top (though I looked and it doesn't appear to be memory foam). It didn't cave in and I didn't see any holes in it as someone else had mentioned. My back will hurt the next day in an uncomfy bed, and my back didn't hurt once!
• Nice, big fridge/freezer with plenty of room.
• Adequate storage overall (except for lack of storage space for food). We liked all the nice-looking baskets everywhere to organize our stuff! Lots of storage space under the bunk beds. Some space under the queen bed. Closet in the bedroom has extra pillows and linens and hangers. Coat hanger on the closer door right as you walk in. 4 drawer dresser in bedroom. A little basket at each nightstand.
• A round plastic table on the balcony and 3 plastic lawn chairs (2 of them broken) & 4 folding lawn chairs to take to the beach if we wanted.
• A light on the balcony
• A/c is nice and cold! It was set to, I believe, 62 when we first walked in. Very pleasant when arriving after carrying our luggage in in the 92 degree humidity.
• The shower was big and nice! Got hot enough and had good water pressure! There is also a large full length mirror on the wall in the bathroom, which is nice.
• Adequate lighting throughout
• The lady who checked us in, who worked for The Victorian, was super nice, friendly, and helpful.

Here are a list of amenities that were included during our stay.
• Big fridge/freezer
• Largish microwave
• Dishwasher
• 2-slice toaster
• 2 coffee maker & several filters (but only 1 works properly)
• Blender
• 2 small pots w/ lids
• 1 large pot w/ lid
• 2 glass bowls (one small and one medium sized)
• Small (maybe 10") skillet
• Aluminum cake pan w/ lid
• Scissors
• Silverware (4 forks, 4 spoons, 5 butter knives)
• A few steak/cutting knives
• Spatula, pancake turner, pasta spoon, can opener, tongs, a few large plastic spoons, ladle
• Cutting board
• Trash can w/ a trash bag in it
• Small container of dish soap
• 2 rolls of paper towels - 1 on the paper towel holder and one under the sink
• Almost empty heavy duty cleaner
• 3 dishwashing tablets
• 3 laundry pods
• Dish sponge
• 2 dish towels
• Dish scrubbing brush
• 2 beach towels
• 5 small coffee mugs
• 6 ceramic dinner plates
• 5 ceramic smaller dessert plates
• 5 ceramic bowls
• 5 plastic cups
• 4 wine glasses
• A few other glass cups
• Iron (in the entryway closet) & ironing board (in the bedroom closet)
• 4 extra pillows in bedroom closet, as well as 2 sheet sets
• 4 pillows on queen bed and 2 pillows on each bunk bed
• 6 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 8 wash cloths
• 2 blow dryers & a curling iron
• A bottle of almost empty liquid Dial soap, 1 bar of soap, 1 small container of shampoo and conditioner
• 1 roll of towel paper
• Small wastebasket w/ liner
• Toilet brush & plunger

What to bring:
• Measuring cup
• Container to hold ice
• Condiments
• Spices/seasonings
• Creamer/sugar for coffee, if desired
• Extra blanket if sleeping on good out couch or if you get chilly
• May need an extra roll of toilet paper (we did)

Overall, I really like The Victorian. The staff are friendly, it is close to the beach and everything else going on on Seawall, the 2 pools are nice and at least one of them I know is heated, and they have a place to shower off outside of them. However, I suggest you find another room to stay in than Room 6102 ("Gulf View Getaway") just for the knocking noise alone. Had it not been for that noise, I probably would have chosen this room again. But that noise has GOT to go! This review would have received a 4 star had it not been for the knocking noise.
Manager Response:
We are very sorry for the experience this guest had. All housekeeping and maintenance items will be addressed during our fall deep clean and maintenance inspection. The owner has purchased a new sofa, mattress, curtain rod and curtains; they repaired the living room chair, cleaned off the mold and recaulked, installed missing light bulbs, tightened loose handles. Thank you!
timothy s. Aug 2018
It was a great place I had a lovely stay good location and friendly staff.
Amanda E. Aug 2018
The master has a 1”foam mattress that is absolutely HORRIBLE to sleep on, & the couch/sleeper sofa is old, also extremely uncomfortable, and needs replaced. These two simple fixes really will ruin your stay! The property and the inside are fine, but not when you can’t sleep on your vacation. Would not rent this condo again!
Manager Response:
We understand what a damper lack of sleep can put on a vacation, and we are sorry to see this was our guest's experience. These comments have been relayed to the owner for their consideration. Thank you!
Angela H. Aug 2018
I do not normally complain but this was a horrible condo!
Busted living room chair! Un-seatable!
Broken springs in the couch - literally sticking straight out! UNUSABLE! We could not accommodate 6 guests without going to the local Walmart to purchase a blow up mattress and extra sheets and blankets, which were also nowhere to be found in the condo for use on the (busted) sofa-bed!
Four of the six chairs on the patio were broken!
No extra trash bags!
No remote control!
Tv's were extremely staticy!
Bathroom shelving had cobwebs in corners!
I mean come on! This place was unacceptable. I’m used to camping out in better furnishings than this! SERIOUSLY!
Never again!
Argentina M W. Jul 2018
Great location ,clean
greg w. Jul 2018
Adrianne P. May 2018
The privacy. The upgrades. The ocean view. The cleanliness. The staff. Parking was perfect!!! No complaints. Ready to return!
Kevin B. Feb 2018
Overall not bad.
Katherine S. Jan 2018
We liked the location (near some restaurants and Walmart for supplies), clean and good supplies. There is an additional $23 resort fee that is charged when you arrive. Parking is good, laundry helps too!
Sarada K. Dec 2017
I went with my mom and son. We had a great time location was wonderful we could get to everything we wanted to go do with easy.
Jennifer M. Oct 2017
just the relaxation i was looking for
J B. Oct 2017
Great view, and the location across the street from the beach is great. But the state of repair of the unit leaves a lot to be desired. Every one of the patio chairs was broken, and the blinds were missing so many slats that we had no privacy from the sidewalk. The privacy lock was broken, meaning that our youngest could open the front door and leave the unit, which is pretty dangerous. The floor was so dirty that our feet turned black as soon as we stepped out of the shower. Not a complaint, but a note: The bunk beds are nice but hard for small children to climb in and out of. This is the kind of place that seems like a great deal but then makes you wish you'd spent a bit more money.
Manager Response:
We apologize if the floor was not as clean as it should have been and will make sure housekeeping addresses that. We have received permission from the owner to make some updates to the home that we believe will make a stay here even more enjoyable.
Sergio S. Oct 2017
Very good place and close to all store and the beach..
Shannon F. Oct 2017
We very much enjoyed our stay here. The condo has been updated very nicely, especially the shower. We also enjoyed renting through Vacasa. Our original dates were for Labor Day weekend, but Hurricane Harvey came and changed that. Vacasa reached out to us and offered another weekend for our trip. We very much appreciated this! Vacasa also did an excellent job of commmunicating everything we needed to know for our stay. We would stay here again.
Kathy K. Jul 2017
Location great, walkability to restaurants, Walmart etc... room good for short stay but needs maintenance. Queen sleepers Springs popping out and sqeeeked very loud everytime you move, shower handle kept falling off...
Manager Response:
The property manager has tightened the shower handle. We were unable to find any issues with the mattress at this time. Thanks!
Beverly V. Jul 2017
It was remodeled nicely and it was clean. Just note that there is no washer and dryer in the unit and no oven. There is a cooktop with two burners. Frig and freezer are nice size. There is a dishwasher but we could not find any soap for it. As I said, mattress needs replacing in bedroom. Kids loved the bunk beds!
Nancy S. Jul 2017
Air conditioner did not work. I received a partial refund but we had to relocate to a hotel that was more expensive and it ruined a day and a half of our vacation. The management was nice, but a full refund should have been offered and the cost of the more expensive hotel covered. Very disappointed.
Bobby H. Jul 2017
The room was what was expected. No surprises which was nice. We wanted to spend more time on the balcony but the neighbors next door sit out on their patio and smoke which is repulsive to me. I spoke with the front counter and they said it was the lady that owned the cafe there which we ate at and was good for breakfast. On the last night the ac went out and it was so hot we couldn't sleep because we were sweating so much. I called Vacasa and they couldn't get anyone there until the next morning by 10:30 still no one showed up. I emailed Vacasa with no response about it. I was really hoping to get a response but not even an email. It really made for a tiring miserable 7 hour drive home.
Charles P. Jun 2017
The room was very clean and it looked just like the pictures
Jonathan S. Jun 2017
Great location and unit. With better house cleanings between occupancies the unit would have been perfect.
April W. Jun 2017
This unit is great for hanging out with young ones. The mushroom pool was a welcome treat after sending time on the beach. This section of beach is just ok.
Kim B. May 2017
this condo was everything we needed it to be!!
cute, comfortable and a GREAT view!!
can't wait to return!! Thanks for sharing your piece of paradise!!
very easy to deal with reservation to check out!!
Melody M. May 2017
Me and my husband were very pleased with our stay. We enjoyed it a lot. Can't wait to come back!
Crystal G. Apr 2017
Very good location..very nice view . Staff was very friendly.
Jeremy S. Mar 2017
The condo was great. Great view, great atmosphere, VERY clean and kept up, and became home to us for 5 days. I was a tad irritated with gate and keycode access to a few of the amenities. Quite a let down in that department, but hopefully that is something that can be remedied by the management. I'd stay here again if that was fixed. I'd have loved to been able to work out or not worry about letting others or instructing them on how to open the gate into the heated pool area.
Kalynn H. Mar 2017
Overall we were very happy with our decision to stay here. No real complaints. Some things could have been a little better but I wasn't bothered by it.
Gina G. Jan 2017
Perfect little place for my daughter and I. Felt safe and master bed mattress was very comfortable.
Terry K. Oct 2016
The condo is just how it looks in the pictures. There are some pros and cons, depending what you are looking for.
The location is right on the tourist strip. Walmant and Sonic are close by and the beach is across the street. The pictures only show one pool, but there are actually 2 pools and the second one is real nice.
There were plenty of towels for the two of us and the shower is new and has decent water flow and pressure.
There are some plates and silverware and a few pots and pans but not much more. The cook top is a guessing game to figure out if the heat is on low or high. There is a coffee maker (with filters) that worked real well!!
If comfortable sleeping is important to you, bring your own sheets and mattress. The mattress is old and uncomfortable, the sheets are scratch and fall off the bed every night. The blanket is barely big enough to fit on the bed.
The balcony is a nice area and is the only place you will find an eating table in the condo.
There is an ice machine on your floor.
Ernest R. Oct 2016
Great location, convenient. Clean and fine for two adults. Responsive and very good care by Vacasa. TV signal was weak but could not be resolved. Ceiling noise at entrance (suspected to be pipes clanging) could not be resolved. Sofa is aging, and the fold out bed is not comfortable. Bedroom mattress needs updating. Overall very clean and recently updated. Nice shower and bathroom. Great cooling and fans. Great view of the Gulf and easy access from front of property and under-building parking. We stayed two weeks and were sorry to have to leave. Would have gladly stayed a month!
Danielle H. Aug 2016
We loved the condo we stayed in it had a huge patio that over looked the sea wall and beach, it had to friendly pools in property an hot tubs! Everything u need is on store in the unit! We enjoyed our stay can't wait to come back again
Tawnya D. Aug 2016
Great location right across from the beach! Restaurants near by. You have to eat at The Spot, great burgers!! Walmart around the corner. Condo needs improvement though, the pics were obviously taken when the place was brand new, now there is some where and tear, scuffed walls, needs new bedding especially for pull out couch and bunk beds. Bed could use a new mattress, big leak coming from shower and wood in bathroom soaked and water stained. The ceiling is low too. Overall we had a great time but when I think about the amount of money I payed I really expected it to be newer like the pictures make it look. If they upgraded some things I would stay again!
Robert H. Jul 2016
Excellent value for our sized family to stay comfortably. We didn't feel like we stayed at a hotel and it was worth it to be able to walk to the beach or the pools. I would recommend this rental to others for sure.
Melissa M. Jul 2016
We enjoyed all aspects of the condo. Kids loved the bunk beds and the big bed was comfortable. The stove top doesn't work to well, but we used the grills too. Walking to the beach was a plus for us. Make sure to give the guests both codes. We had to call for the code to unlock the door knob. Other than that inconvenience we really enjoyed our stay. We loved the balcony. Drinking coffee and looking at the ocean was like heaven.
Manager Response:
We apologize for the confusion with entry to the home; the locks and handles have been changed so that only one code is needed to enter the home. Thanks!
Chelsey B. Jul 2016
The condo was extremely clean and updated! It was a perfect fit for my family of 6! We will definitely be staying in this unit again!
Jennifer D. Jul 2016
We loved the condo. It was very clean and appears newly remodeled. It was perfect for our family. The pools were very clean and it was a beautiful view of the ocean.
Nathan T. Jun 2016
During our trip to Texas we wanted to spend some of it at the beach. The Victorian was across from the beach and had two pools and two hot tubs. The property was very clean and had beautiful gardens. The room was renovated and really nice. We will definitely stay here again.
Lindsey P. Jun 2016
We drove 15 hours from Omaha, Nebraska to stay down in Galveston at this Victorian condo. I did countless hours of research on what I thought was the perfect condo for our family of four. The pictures are exactly what you'll get. The inside is beautifully redone and decorated. A true beachy feel, which is exactly what I wanted. The floors we're beautiful. The sand from our feet blended right in. :) I didn't cook one meal and only prepared cereal and sandwiches but the fridge is the perfect size for drinks and lunch. The bunk beds were great for my boys (6&4). A little hard but they never complained. The bed in the bedroom was so comfortable. Other reviews stated it was hard but I disagree. It reminded me of a memory foam bed. We are used to a king sized bed but the room would not be big enough. The cable tv was fuzzy but the only time we wanted to watch tv was before bed. The internet worked great until after dinner time, I'm guessing that's when other guests were using the wifi and it caused slow connection. Again, no big deal. It is directly across the street from the beach and right on the corner so it's easy to stop traffic with a push of a button on the traffic light. It's a very busy intersection so beware. Walmart is literally right next door (thankfully you can't see if from this room) so that was super convenient. The view is awesome. Ocean to the left, pool to the right. Cannot go wrong. I snuck out each morning before my kids got up and drank my coffee. That was such a great treat for exhausted moms like myself. I really have no complaints other than replacing the vacuum and put a broom in the closet as their is sand everywhere. If you're on the fence about this hotel don't be. The grounds are wonderfully kept and well maintained. I have very high standards so please believe me when I say if I came back again I would choose this exact condo. The location is perfect. Right in the heart of the sea wall. For a more secluded and less crounded beach, drive past Jamaica beach and pull off into a neighborhood where there's "beach access" signs. It's so quiet and less crowded. Beautiful beach homes behind you as you sit on the beach. For dinner go to "The Spot" down by the pleasure pier. Great atmosphere and amazing food. Kid friendly as well. Best fish tacos I ever had. Anyway, I could go on and on. Stay here at 6102, you won't be disappointed, I promise!!
Samuel B. May 2016
Nice condo.
Pro's : location, 2 great pools especially the one for kids, great view of ocean, nice beach across the street, big balcony, ice machine across the way, 2 burner stove, nice size fridge and freezer, microwave, small dishwasher, separate bedroom, good use of space, great central air, nicely decorated.
Con's: cleaning crew did not do a great job floors were dirty, microwave fingerprints all over outside, counters greasy. The bathroom was clean and bedroom clean. But our feet were dirty we kept flip flops on inside. The mattress could be replaced seems soft and sink towards the middle. Same with the couch very worn. The shower leaks water out of the glass doors onto the floor and into the hallway. (its a walk in shower just be aware no bathtub,which we knew and brought one for our daughter) Also make sure you get the correct code for the keys. There is one for the actual keys themselves and one for the doorknob. 2 separate codes.
They did do updates to this unit it looks pretty and we did enjoy or stay. With a good cleaning and a few fixes it can be awesome! We would try it again.
Manager Response:
We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay and are looking forward to coming back! We really appreciate you reaching out to us with your feedback. Our property manager will work with our housekeeping staff to make sure the home is in great order for our guests going forward and will inspect the home to fix the maintenance issues you bought up. Thank you again for staying with Vacasa.
Barbara B. May 2016
Nice balcony, plenty of bath linens, good tv's and very clean. Terrible bed though, be sure to bring your Alleve! Decent view although taller outdoor furniture would have been ideal to see over the balcony rail. All in all a nice rental fairly priced.
Amanda V. May 2016
Condo was very clean and decorated cute. It could use some fresh paint and and new blinds but the Ocean view was beautiful to wake up to. Cable T.V was pretty fuzzy looking the whole week we stayed and there seemed to be some kind of water leak from the shower. It would have water pooling around the shower and under the door of the bathroom.You can tell its been like this for a while because you can see the water damage on the bathroom doorframe. The propery is very well maintained. Clean pools and Hot tub!
Laure S. Apr 2016
We enjoyed our stay it was a clean comfortable place. Only drawback was no washer and dryer in the unit. My husband felt the bed was not great but I thought it was ok. Kind liked the bunks. I would stay here again in the future
Manager Response:
We apologize if it was inconvenient to not have a washer and dryer within the unit and hope you took advantage of the shared laundry facilities in the complex.
Edward S. Mar 2016
Overall good. It was smaller than I thought it was going to be. It was just me and my husband so it was fine, but it would have been too small if we would have taken our kids.
Yolanda A. Mar 2016
Overall a great time and we will be back
Sarah G. Feb 2016
We were pleased with this unit. The property seemed to be updated & it seemed other units were also being updated. Our was beautiful, well updated, nice finishes. There was, however hair on the wall in the shower. Everything else appeared clean. Very comfy linens & plenty of room to sleep in a small unit. Our biggest complaint was a "knocking" at all hours. Seemed like a water pipe, but kept us up in the bedroom at night. Needs a few extra small household things like plastic bags & plastic wrap. Walmart is next door, though, for those needs. Everything on the island is easily accessible. Lots of things within walking distance. Overall pleased, would stay here again.
Taylor K. Feb 2016
Overall great experience. Cable and wifi are iffy but not what We were there for. Will definitely be back.
Rhoda B. Dec 2015
No towels
Dirty linens
Lock box code was incorrect
Dirty floors

Great location. Ocean view, nicely decorated.
Manager Response:
Thank you for your review. We apologize for the several inconveniences and cleanliness issues you experienced during your stay. We will work with housekeeping on providing clean towels and linens, and the Property Manager will verify the lockbox codes for upcoming guests. Thank you for choosing Vacasa!
Marcus W. Nov 2015
Condo was as listed but property needs a facelift. A good value but would probably choose something else for my next visit.
Manager Response:
We appreciate your feedback and will take your comments under consideration. We believe this condo is lovely and it has access to some wonderful amenities!