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  • Aptos

    Belinda L.

    Ano Nuevo is where you can see Elephant Seals
  • Aptos

    John N.

    Strolls on the beach are heavenly.
  • Aptos

    Jen S.

    The view from the deck/home was an absolute stunning and surreal image of Rio del Mar and the Monterey bay!❤
  • Aptos

    Fred H.

    Access and walks on the beach
  • Aptos

    Sonny M.

    It's about a 40 minute drive from Monterey.
  • Aptos

    Delia K.

    Lots of local thrift stores and Santa Cruz flea market on weekends - Sunday is very busy! The Shadowbrook restaurant in Capitola is a lovely place for a nice meal.
  • Aptos

    Dolores C.

    Cafe Rio was very nice.
  • Aptos

    KAREN W.

    Hidden Beach and park were a nice find. Grandkids had a great time.
  • Aptos

    Paul And Nancy V.

    Board walk and Mystery spot in Santa Cruz
  • Aptos

    Giancarlo M.

  • Aptos

    Andrea P.

    Sea Cliff beach was wonderful. There weren't many people so we had our choice of spots. Lots of drift wood made for lots of fun for the boys. They even built a fort.
  • Aptos

    Linda T.

    The beach and the Mexican restaurant .
  • Aptos

    Joel F.

    Nisene Marks State Park, Elkhorn Slough, Wilder Ranch
  • Aptos

    Laura D.

    We had a great time at Roaring Camp and riding the Big Trees Train through the redwoods. Learned a lot at the National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center across from the SC Wharf and the Seymour Marine Discovery Center.
  • Aptos

    Marisela M.

    Not too far from Capitola which is a great spot to visit.
  • Aptos

    Luis S.

    Took a nice hike and beach time at Wilder Ranch. Great weather throughout our visit.
  • Aptos

    Janice W.

    The house has an amazing deck that we used constantly.
  • Aptos

    Michael G.

    Sea cliff beach was great
  • Aptos

    Wesley M.

    Aptos street BBQ is great. Oh and the beach is pretty great too.
  • Aptos

    Hilary K.

    Marianne's ice cream is within walking distance, and it is delicious, the beach is also about an easy 20 minute walk away.
  • Aptos

    Barbara S.

    Seacliff Beach
  • Aptos

    Rebecca L.

    the beach was wonderful, we saw dolphins and sea otters from the pier.
  • Aptos

    Lynne C.

    We loved how close the beach was to the house. Also, the ice cream shop just down the street was a nice treat after a day in the sun!!
  • Aptos

    Brent W.

    We picked up pizza from Pizza 1 one night, and it was good--nice crust, decent price. The walk to the beach isn't too bad, it's a little less than a mile. It would be nice to have a proper sidewalk, but I guess that's a little outside of your control, haha!
  • Aptos

    Hana S.

    Running to the beach in the morning. seeing the shipwrecked boat
  • Aptos

    Detrah H.

    Grocery shopping close by. A decent walk to the beach, but not too bad.
  • Aptos

    Greg T.

    The shawdow brook restaurant is a great place to celebrate special occasions, and 5 miles from the house.
  • Aptos

    Cindy D.

    Beachgate Beach was a huge highlight. Dog-friendly on a leash. We all loved it!!!
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