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Cambria overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 Cambria, CA 6 12

  • Cambria

    Michael T.

    Linn's Restaurant and Gift Shops
    Moonstone Beach Grill
  • Cambria

    Matthew S.

    moonstone beach grill is always a go to!
  • Cambria

    Jason F.

    We strolled through the town of Cambria, it's very quiet and quaint.
  • Cambria

    Tara K.

    We loved the elephant seals. Downtown Cambria was so charming. The French Bakery on Main St. had the most delicious baked goods, cappuccinos and lattes!
  • Cambria

    Anjani K.

    Home is a short drive to the grocery store and downtown village which was great!
  • Cambria

    Margarita R.

    Hearst Castle.
  • December, 2016

    Sevil K.

  • October, 2016

    Peter M.

  • September, 2016

    Valerie L.

  • August, 2016

    Todd G.

  • July, 2016

    Joel B.

  • July, 2016

    Kelly K.