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  • Gualala

    Nouf A.

    It was great I loved it. It was more then what I was expecting the kids love it to u was with my friends and my to kids 8 and 6 years old. Although the house did not have access to the beach but it was still something amazing
  • Gualala

    Toni T.

    Antonio's Tacos is very tasty and authentic, St. Orres for a nice dinner, the park up on Stage Road, walk along cliffs near lighthouse
  • Gualala

    Jess A.

    Garcia River Casino in Point Arena
  • Gualala

    Kathe C.

    Fort Ross and Mendocino were great. RT. 1 makes for thrilling drive. Be sure keep gas tank filled...stations are far and few between.
  • Gualala

    John O.

    Mendocino, Pt Arena light house, beaches
  • Gualala

    Ed S.

    Have rented the Sea Ranch properties for 40 years. Know most everything.
    Gualala River about 2 miles from RTE 1 is a nice change of pace.
  • Gualala

    Sally T.

    Anchor Harbor
  • Gualala

    Nicole K.

    Gualala Beach and Upper Crust pizza are great
  • Gualala

    Austin T.

    Beach access is a short drive from the house.
  • Gualala

    Noe O.

    Sandbar Restaurant beautiful view. Home is very nice. Stayed there with my wife two brothers and their wives. Maybe a few more pans for cooking and a griddle. Drove all the way up to Leggett to view the Redwoods.
  • Gualala


    The Botanical Garden in Fort Bragg is a 'do not miss' experience.
    St. Orres is extremely friendly and welcoming for dinner and a wonderful all around experience, even if the food is not quite as gourmet tasting as it reads.
  • Gualala

    Jennifer M.

    We loved the Surf Market, Pazzo Marco Creamery Tour and the beach!
  • Gualala

    Marilu D.

    We drove up the coast to Point Arena and it was such a great, beautiful trip. We enjoyed the views and being able to spend time on the coast.
  • Gualala

    Amber S.

    Gualala Arts Center
  • Gualala

    o C.

    Outdoor shower with hot water was wonderful. Location of hot tub too. Loved, loved, loved authentic cabin feel, artwork, homey feel...felt like I was staying at a friend's home. However, there's really only one true bed so a but misleading to say it sleeps ten (unless the other eight are teenagers or don't mind a very hard futon).
  • Gualala

    Judith G.

    Great cobbler in town. Have drinks at the Sand Bar on the edge of town. Walk the bluff trails at the public access on Sea Ranch.
  • Gualala

    Viola W.

    30 min away there is an awesome lighthouse and hiking! Really nice! Plenty of grocery shopping too (for all the stuff we forgot to bring)
  • Gualala

    Farlen M.

    Point Arrena - need a car
  • Gualala

    Jeffrey H.

    We enjoyed driving the coast and exploring. We loved Black Point Beach and Glass Beach
  • Gualala

    Christine W.

    We enjoyed being on the ranch secluded by all the trees and being able to hear the ocean. If you've never been to the lazy "S" Ranch you need to put it on your bucket list. What an amazing stay we had
  • Gualala

    Sebastian K.

    Gualala and point arena are both wonderful little towns. We spent one day at schooners gulch beach which is a couple miles north on hwy 1 from the ranch, awesome beach with not many people.
  • Gualala

    Brian C.

    Loved the beaches!! Wish it was closer to the redwoods as it seems to be online
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