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    Deborah V.

    Kayaking, beach combing, fresh oysters!, dining nearby
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    Maia C.

    Marshall Store, Hog Island Oysters, Wildflour Bakery in Freestone, Hinterland Empire in Occidental, Hiking in Point Reyes and at Goat Rock, Osteria Stellina in Point Reyes Station, Sir & Star at the Olema Inn.
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    Marilyn M.

    Nicks Cove was super fun. The management goes overboard in making everything enjoyable..
    Bodega Bay great!,
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    Kathleen P.

    Hog Island Oyster Company
  • Marshall

    Jeffry A.

    The Marshall Store - about 15 minutes south right on Hwy. 1. Worth the drive for oysters and seafood.
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    Sandra A.

    Too rainy to go out. Staying at the house and making use of all the different spaces was great.
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    Kim H.

    Point Reyes National Seashore is beautiful.
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    Bruce K.

    We didn't like that you had to drive everywhere. Roads are very narrow and you had to drive very slow. One day there was a bike race for about 4 hours and it made it very hard to travel the road that day. :( there is no place to walk along the road.
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    Andrew H.

    The kids loved Stinson Beach. My wife and I had a great dinner at Nicks Cove.
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    John P.

    Local oyster restaurants, Point Reyes, Bodega Bay, redwoods in the hills to the west, Golden Gate bridge and park, Muir Woods.

    Although it can't be helped, the topography does mean that Mollusk Manor is a little remote, however, there are plenty of people around so you don't feel isolated. It takes around 1h15 to reach SF and the coast road is not one I'd recommend!
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    Lynn O.

    Tony's Bar and Restaurant and Nick's Cove
  • Marshall

    Noelle E.

    Eating at the Marshall Store on the drive home from the house was a special treat.
  • Marshall

    Nancy H.

    Point Reyes was awesome to explore. We loved the oysters at Hog Island Oyster Company. We enjoyed wine country and Dillon Beach.
  • Marshall

    Cameron C.

    Get fresh oysters at Hogg Island
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