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Guest Reviews - Blue River, CO

Blue River Reviews (44)

44 reviews

Blue River overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 Blue river, CO 16 44

  • Blue River

    Veronica M.

    Breckenridge is about 8 minute drive and everything there is beautiful!
  • Blue River

    Ginna G.

    The restaurant at the resort next door was very good.
  • Blue River

    Laura O.

    Hiking in McCollough gulch, bike riding around Dillon reservoir on the off road bike path. There are endless outdoor possibilities.
  • Blue River

    Steven S.

    Breckenridge is very close and we enjoyed the mountain biking there as well as the restaurants.
  • Blue River

    Nader G.

  • Blue River

    Brianna M.

    We loved how close the cabin was to Breckinridge and the hiking trails
  • Blue River

    Karen B.

    This was so close to Breckenridge....and far enough away so we could be in peaceful surroundings. The deck was a wonderful relaxing space for yoga, eating meals or just sitting around and taking in nature!
  • Blue River

    Nate & Molly D.

    Taking Hwy 9 South from the cabin is one of the prettiest drives in Colorado!
  • Blue River

    Joe'l R.

    Breckenridge is quickly becoming a favorite for us! Big enough to have delicious restaurants and fun shops yet small enough that you're not having to deal with crazy amounts of people like other resorts.
  • Blue River

    Kevin M.

    The stars at night are awesome to see.
  • Blue River

    Jameson M.

    McCullough gulch hike and Black Powder Trail were awesome. Still a lot of snow in the area in the mountains in early June.
  • Blue River

    Nicole P.

    Breck is awesome!! We loved that the drive was just 2 minutes from downtown. Blue River Bistro, Fatty's, the crepe stand, and Hearthstone were some of our favorite restaurants.
  • Blue River

    Rena C.

    hiking Mt Quandry and McCullough Gulch trail, fishing the blue river, shopping in Breckenridge, day trip to Leadville
  • Blue River

    Jorin S.

    Drive to the end of blue river road and you can walk to the Goose Pasture Tarn. Fun little hike on level ground.
  • Blue River

    Mattie K.

    /Good travels through the mountains.
  • Blue River

    Robin B.

    breck is so close and so is this spot!
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