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Guest Reviews - Rico, CO

Rico Reviews (28)

28 reviews

Rico overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 Rico, CO 15 28

  • Rico

    Sharla G.

    Tamosan & Co. was awesome!! The owners if that restaurant were the highlight of Rico.
  • Rico

    Laurie B.

    4X4 trails we did - Ophir Pass, Cinnamon Pass
    Hikes - Bear Creek Falls Trail, Lake Hope Trail, Blue Lake Trail, Handie's Peak
    Other - Silverton (cute town); Ouray (OK...touristy, hot springs not what we thought they would be); Telluride (pricey, parking limited)
  • Rico

    Kathleen S.

    Short ride to Telluride. Rode the Gondola.. Rico is also beautiful for hiking.
  • Rico

    Dan J.

    The Argentine restaurant (I think it now renamed) was a delight! Great food by a very high calibre chef.
  • Rico

    Dakota L.

    There isn't as much to do in Rico as we had hoped. It's a beautiful area, but we had to drive for nearly an hour every day to reach larger towns with more restaurants and activities (namely Telluride and Durango).
    The Argentine Grill was delicious, and we greatly enjoyed our meal there.
    We also had some great tacos at the Enterprise.
  • Rico

    Frank M.

    hiking in that area in fall is great.
  • Rico

    JENNY B.

    Trout Lake was amazing. Taking a drive past the lake towards the mountains where you come upon Trout Lake Trestle, an historical site.
  • Rico

    Kevin D.

    Eat early if planning on eating at any of the 3 eateries
  • Rico

    Wendy K.

    Hikes around town and on lizard head pass
  • Rico

    Bonnie C.

    Playground park was close and complete.
    From online map I thought access to river would have been easier, so I was disappointed about that.
  • Rico

    Payge S.

    Enterprise bar and grill is delicious and an easy walk up the road :)
  • Rico

    Dentyn B.

    Everyone around Rico was very friendly!
  • Rico

    Louis S.

    Exploring the mountains around Rico was beautiful and refreshing
  • Rico

    Kate B.

    Enjoyed the Enterprise Bar & Grill, the local museum, hot springs, mountain biking & hiking from the front door of this adorable home.
  • Rico

    Patrick R.

    The Enterprise Bar & Grill across the road was a very enjoyable place to hang out with some of the locals along with fellow tourists. Everyone in the town was pleasant to deal with. The fishing on the river was OUTSTANDING!
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