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Eastern Oregon Vacation Rentals

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Spirit of the West - Pendleton, OR Vacation Rental

Spirit of the West

Pendleton, OR
5 Bed 3 Bath Sleeps 12
198 198 - - 198 198 198 198 - - - 198 198 198 198 198 198

About Eastern Oregon

Eastern Oregon rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 34 reviews Eastern oregon,
Take a trip back in time to the Old West with a visit to the rugged, diverse beauty of Eastern Oregon. With such a huge variety of scenery, ranging from majestic snowy mountain peaks to the powerful Snake River to seemingly endless desert, an Eastern Oregon vacation rental will be surrounded by beauty - and adventure will never be far away! If you love the great outdoors, you will find seemingly endless ways to keep busy, whether you decide to go rafting on the Snake River, visit the stunning Painted Hills, hike on the gorgeous Wallowa Mountains, or tour ghost towns. With a wide range of climates, you will want to visit this region many times to experience the winter snows, spring desert wildflowers, summer sunshine while rafting on the river, and autumn's agricultural bounty. The northeast section of Oregon is home to towering mountain ranges, deep canyons carved by raging rivers, lush forests, and prosperous farmland. With influences from American Indian tribes and the pioneers, this region is hospitable to visitors and a perfect place to explore the most extreme landscapes in the state. In the southeast corner of Oregon, you will discover the harsh deserts and wide open spaces intermingled with small towns that evolved from old pioneer homesteads. Travel the Steens Mountain Loop, visit the lakes and rivers that bring water to the arid desert, and imagine a time when cowboys herded cattle across the vast landscape. Although Eastern Oregon is sparsely populated, cities such as Pendleton, La Grande, and Hermiston offer more urban attractions for you to enjoy. Like most cities in Oregon, Pendleton has a fabulous brewery, as well as a great casino, golf course, tantalizing restaurants, and a fascinating cultural center. If you like adventuring while surrounded by rugged and varied scenery, come stay at an Eastern Oregon vacation rental and experience a whole different side of the Beaver State!
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