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    Tricia M.

    We enjoyed Long Key State Park. Also, Habanos Oceanfront restaurant. A short walk out our driveway and you are able to have a walk on the
  • Long Key

    Robin B.

    The Bahai Honda State Park beaches were awesome and also the Sombrero Beach was nice.
  • Long Key

    Valerie T.

    The beach out back door is just perfect. Couldn't be better
  • Long Key

    Anne K.

    This property on Long Key is perfectly situated - close to both Islamorada and Marathon. But the best part about this property is the private beach right out the back door.
  • Long Key

    Michael T.

    Islamorada was only a short drive away and we enjoyed the Shrimp Shack.
  • Long Key

    Christopher J.

    Nearest grocery store is about 20 minutes away in Marathon. Lots of good dining options in Marathon and Islamorada - both 20 minutes away.
  • Long Key

    Julie S.

    We spent most of our time snorkeling and siteseeing all the keys.
  • Long Key

    Nona N.

    Robbi's and Key Fisheries, Lazy Days
  • Long Key

    Mark B.

    Had a very good meal at Lazy Days
  • Long Key

    Beverly K.

    Robbie's islamorada
  • Long Key

    Florence T.

    This place was paradise!!!! The private beach was so relaxing and beautiful! The house had absolutely everything we needed. We wish we could have rented the entire week, but someone was able to rent one day in the middle of the week...that was so disappointing. We had 3 adults and 2 boys (11 & 13 years old). The adults relaxed while the kids fished and played in the water. Can't wait to come back again. Probably will never stay anywhere else.
  • Long Key

    William B.

    The shops and food in Islamorada were favorites.
  • Long Key

    Kyle D.

    We used Pier 68 to rent fishing poles and rent a kayak. He was super nice and easy to work with. We loved eating at Lazy Days up in Islamarada. The food and drinks there were delicious. Everyone we met down in the Keys were super relaxed and very friendly.
  • Long Key

    Renee G.

    The beach and the Lazy Days Restaurant
  • Long Key

    Rob A.

    Check out Pier 68 for boat rentals. Jay was great to work with.
  • Long Key

    Daniel H.

    Definitely eat at Café Moca on Key Largo. Its a small coffee and pastry place with a few sandwiches, but it is delicious!

    Layton does not have much but it is perfect if you want a quiet and relaxing vacation. This beach is so secluded and private, plus it is a very large beach for the keys!
  • Long Key

    Barbara A.

    The duplex sits to the south so you can enjoy the sun rises as well as the sun sets.
  • Long Key

    Holly M.

    Quiet and relaxing!
    be sure to eat at Lorelei's Cabana in Islamorada for a bite!
  • Long Key

    Oliver P.

    national parks
  • Long Key

    Sherri B.

    the entire property was great.
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