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  • Georgetown

    Detra P.

    AMAZING!!!! Reid State Park is close and extraordinary!
  • Georgetown

    Chris S.

    Osprey Restaurant, Mae's Cafe, Five Islands Lobster were great for food. Popham State Beach is beautiful for hanging out on shore and walking around.
  • Georgetown

    Kathleen B.

    Kayaking the cove and out to the harbor to Five Islands was great!
  • Georgetown

    Kevin W.

    Five Island Lobster!
  • Georgetown

    Kenneth P.

    The fantastically good lobsters from the Five Islands place. Pick them up steamed and they're just right when you get back to the house.
  • Georgetown

    Bonnie D.

    We were there only 2 nights, so stayed put. It is such a wonderful spot, we wanted to savor every moment.
  • Georgetown

    Barbara O.

    Five Islands Lobster Co., The Osprey, Grey Havens Inn