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  • Portland

    Derek .

    Bissell Brother Brewery
    The Great Lost Bear
  • Portland

    Caroline B.

    LIquid Riot
    Holy Donut
    J's Oyster
  • Portland

    Kayte H.

    The Great Lost Bear restaurant was right down the street, within walking distance. It had awesome food and drink options, and a great atmosphere.
  • Portland

    Daniel S.

    Breakfast at the Pottery cafe was lovely
  • Portland

    Heather R.

    Wander downtown. Spent time in Freeport
  • Portland

    Krista I.

    The location of the house was very convenient. We were about a ten minute drive from downtown and we also checked out some breweries close by.
  • Portland

    Frank B.

    Commercial Street. Lots of nice restaurants. Portland Head Lighthouse.
  • Portland

    Sven T.

    the beaches around Portland are nice, as well as downtown Portland
  • Portland

    Maya C.

    Crescent State Park
    Old Orchard Amusement Park
  • Portland

    Matthew B.

    Peaks Island is a great day trip.
  • Portland

    Christine R.

    Mackworth Island is a lovely little place for a family stroll.
  • Portland

    Gerard L.

    Lolita restaurant and Portland Observatory on Munjoy Hill, Fore Street restaurant by the waterfront, and a ferry cruise out to the harbor islands.
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    Polly M.

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    Laney M.

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    Lillian F.

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    Tina C.

  • October, 2016

    Allison O.

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    Allison F.