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  • Chilmark

    Mila B.

    Menemsha, Chilmark Town area, West Tisbury - activities at Grange Hall. Sunset at Menemsha is well worth doing. The roadside stands for fresh vegetables is also a benefit.
  • Chilmark

    Danielle F.

    A trip to Martha's Vineyard is never complete for me without a little trip to Menemsha for some fried clams or some ice cream and to take in the view. I also love the Chilmark farmer's market and the flea market.
  • Chilmark

    Karen R.

    Christiantown memorial
    Gayhead beach and cliffs
  • Chilmark

    Tatiana W.

    The beach at Aquinnah is breathtaking. We have lived in many places by the sea including California, Australia, South of France and Italy so we are high maintenance when it comes to rating beaches. We also loved the Orange Peel Bakery. It works on an honour system AND is delicious. Menimshaw takes you back to the good old times when you were growing up and Vineyard Haven has great views and delicious restaurants.
  • August, 2016

    Annette D.