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  • Eastham

    Brian W.

    Friendly Fisherman was great, First Encounters beach was good for the kids. Arnolds was fun for lunch and mini golf.
  • Eastham

    Michael E.

    First Encounter Beach is great for kids and sunsets (bring bug spray in summer).
    Trip to P-town for whale watching, Pilgrim Tower and library was great.
    Nauset Beach
    Great Pond for freshwater swimming
    Salt Pond Visitor Center great to get oriented
  • Eastham

    June B.

    Very centrally located, enjoyed the craft fair in So. Yarmouth which I'm told takes place every year on the Columbus holiday weekend.
  • Eastham

    Linda P.

    Proximity to the National Seashore, First Encounter Beach (one of our personal favorites!), and Provincetown (Race Point, Dunes, shopping!).
  • Eastham

    Patrick L.

    Coast Guard Beach
  • Eastham

    Teresa M.

    Athens hole in one donut shop has fabulous donuts and breakfast goofdies.
    Great walking trails at the Natioanl Seashore .
  • Eastham

    Lynn B.

    First encounter beach
  • Eastham

    Kristin B.

    1st Encounter Beach
    Mac's seafood restaurant in Welfleet
    PB Boulangerie in Welfleet
    National Seashore trails
  • Eastham

    Marc K.

    Great beaches nearby. Coast Guard Beach and First Encounter (for sunsets but good swimming only at high tide) are great. Bike trail is convenient.
  • Eastham

    Julie P.

    Head of the meadow beach
  • Eastham

    Roger D.

    We enjoyed the many National Seashore beaches that were nearby.
  • Eastham

    Cathy T.

    Ben & Jerry's nearby which we probably visited too often!
  • Eastham

    Melissa M.

    Walking to Nauset light beach in the evening to watch the seals was a high light.
  • Eastham

    Alan D.

    the campgrounds beach is crawling with wildlife (literally!) which was exciting for young explorers
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