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  • Provincetown

    Claudio M T.

    Kohi Coffee - right downstairs! Amazing coffee and must try blueberry scones!
  • Provincetown

    David G.

    Dinner at the Pointe and Tin Pan Alley
  • Provincetown

    Luann M.

    The Cape Cod National Seaahire was a great draw for us: the breakwater trek, light houses, beach walks, and forest walks. We also enjoyed the Pilgrim monument and museum. Even walking g the streets of Provincetown was a pleasure.
  • Provincetown

    Jeffrey J.

    Great location!! Cannot be beat!
  • Provincetown

    Christopher W.

    Kohi is great for coffee – and it's right on the first floor!
  • Provincetown

    Audrey K.

    Bubalas By The Bay has yummy food!
  • Provincetown

    Monica H.

    The coffee shop downstairs (Kohi) makes a mean brew. Lobster Pot is also excellent for lobster dinner.
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