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  • Wellfleet

    Allison C.

    Bookstore Restaurant and Truro Vineyard
  • Wellfleet

    Briana B.

    Arnold's. Harbor. Mayo beach.
  • Wellfleet

    Heather R.

    The wine vineyard in Truro was AWESOME!!!
  • Wellfleet

    Pam M.

    Winslow's has a lovely shaded patio, great menu & excellent staff. Also both the boulangerie in South
    Wellfleet & Willow bakery both had fantastic breakfast goodies.
  • Wellfleet

    Sara M.

  • Wellfleet

    Katherine B.

    There is a wonderful sushi & seafood restaurant right across the street which is so convenient, and the food is delicious! Great location for visiting the ponds and beaches and driving up to Provincetown.
  • Wellfleet

    Todd S.

    We were pleased that it didn't take long to get from place to place. You could take a quick walk or bike ride down to the beach or even to the corner store.
  • Wellfleet

    Jennifer K.

    Eat at Mac's right down the street. We ate there both nights. It was AMAZING!!
  • Wellfleet

    Karen S.

    We had a great lunch at Napi's in Provincetown. And, we got to watch the whales off of Race Point Beach. It was awesome despite the cold and rain!
  • Wellfleet

    Robin M.

    Uncle Tim's Bridge makes for a lovely walk!
  • Wellfleet

    Michael B.

    Mac's seafood is dope!
  • Wellfleet

    Erica P.

    We loved the Pearl - great relaxed vibe and a good happy hour. Mac's Shack had some of the best sushi I've ever had. Definitely worth the wait.
  • Wellfleet

    Kristen M.

    Mac's Shack is a tourist favorite and for good reason. The Bookstore restaurant is excellent and seems to get less attention for some reason. The Beachcomber at Cahoon's Hollow is also fun day and night.
  • Wellfleet

    Lori K.

    We walked along Mayo Beach at low tide. We walked up to Wellfleet Marketplace for supplies. Ate at Pearl and Winslow Tavern.
  • Wellfleet

    Denise V.

    many restaurants w/in walking distance..Macs, The Pearl, The Bookstore...all w/in 5 min. walk
  • Wellfleet

    Andreal D.

    Mayo beach was very nice. Beautiful area all around.
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