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About Gardiner

Welcome to Gardiner, majestic Montana's gateway to Yellowstone National Park! Located about 120 miles from Big Sky, this tiny town has plenty to offer visitors between tours of the famous national park. Settle into one of our Gardiner vacation rentals and prepare for an adventure to remember.

Gardiner, MT: Entrance to Yellowstone

Gardiner welcomes visitors to Yellowstone National Park through the famous Roosevelt Arch at the north entrance. Enter the park and head about six miles south to Mammoth Hot Springs, one of Yellowstone's most beloved sights (don't forget your camera!). Of course, your visit won't be complete without a glimpse of the park's most iconic geyser, Old Faithful.

Tours like Gardiner's Yellowstone Year-Round Safaris can guide you through the park's most beloved natural features. Keep your eyes peeled for bison, bears, moose, and other park residents!

Things to Do in Gardiner, MT

Start your morning with a cup of coffee at Yellowstone Perk, the town's coffee and ice cream shop. If you're looking for adventure right here in Gardiner, check out the Montana Whitewater Rafting and Zipline Co. You can zoom down their zipline with majestic views of the mountains in the distance. At the end of the day, refuel at Gardiner institution K-Bar Pizza and grab a beer at one of the local saloons afterward.

If you're visiting Yellowstone, there's no better home base than our Gardiner vacation rentals. This small town's natural beauty and charming establishments are sure to win your heart. 

Photo Credit: Thomas Martin via Flickr

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