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  • Dunes City

    Jason G.

    Great lake, good parking for boat trailer.
    Kids had a blast. Would recommend and we will be staying again
  • Dunes City

    Dawn H.

    Sandland adventures was affordable and Fun.
    Hike up to Laceta lighthouse is a beautiful, easy hike. Honeymoon State Park is worth visiting.
  • Dunes City

    Kathy K.

    We were spending time with family and enjoying Siltcoos Lake. The weather was perfect but the lake gets very windy in the afternoon.
  • Dunes City

    Maria W.

    We went to a little town called Winchester and it was great! It was anout 40 minutes from the house but had great crabbing and an awesome little boat restaurant with the best clam chowder! And make sure to visit old town florence! There are so many wonderful gift shops and the people are so friendly!
  • Dunes City

    Te Ann L.

    We were in town to visit my godparents. It was a nice location and near by my family. I wish we had more time to explore more shops and restaruants. We did eat at the Little brown hen. The crab omlette was amazing.
  • Dunes City

    Robert M.

    Mo Chowder. Sticks & Stones Gallery in Old Town
  • Dunes City

    Ismael N.

    Sand dunes
  • Dunes City

    Cheyenne S.

    Nature's Corner in Florence does great breakfast and healthy groceries. We came to ride the dunes, Coos Bay 40 miles south is pretty awesome. The Florence dunes are great too! Looked like lots of fun stuff to do in the area, wish we had more time!
  • Dunes City

    Trendy S.

    Kayaking in the Siltcoos river with family and friends was really relaxing and fun. My parents enjoyed watching the deer roam the neighborhood on their morning walks.

  • Dunes City

    Tonya C.

    Fishing on siltcoos lake and dune buggy rides with sandland
  • Dunes City

    Kim G.

    the Siltcoos waterway to the Ocean was a Fantastic Kayak trip!
  • Dunes City

    Laura H.

    Old town, wanderig through all the stores. The beach of course.
  • Dunes City

    Aline G.

    The folks at the nearby dock are lovely people. The neighborhood feels friendly and kind. Not a lot going on by the lake but quite pleasant. Bring your own kayak if that is what you want.
    Access to the dunes and Florence is easy. This property is a bit more secluded, in a quiet area.
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