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  • Madras

    Monica R.

    Deer's came to the house grounds and were very friendly and peaceful. My kids were happy and excited to feed them and take pictures. The view points are amazing and not too far out from the house. Would recommend you walk to them if you are not use to exercising. The area is very isolated but peaceful.
  • Madras

    Mark T.

    Lake Billy
  • Madras

    Alex G.

    We enjoyed entire Madras area and beyond
  • Madras

    Bob D.

    Lake Billy Chinook, Maupin white water rafting . Absolutely loved the view and especially the sunsets off the deck. Expect to see deer outside every morning.
  • Madras

    Cindi M.

    We hiked Misery Ridge at Smith Rock State Park. It was quite the climb, but the pay-off was the spectacular view at the top.
  • Madras

    Bianca Z.

    Smith Rock state park proximity was good.
  • Madras

    Steve J.

    The Cove Palisades State Park hiking and paddling.
  • Madras

    Tim C.

    crooked river canyon
  • Madras

    Sandra F.

    Love the food at the Rio restaraunt! There tamales are better than my own. Rare find in Madras.
  • Madras

    Beth F.

    Lake Billy Chinook was beautiful.
  • Madras

    Diane T.

    Cove Palisades Park, Smith Rock, Peterson's Rock Garden
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