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  • North Bend

    Todd F.

    The house is lovely and provides a place for everyone to enjoy their getaway!! We loved the game room and of course the living rooms with the most amazing view!!
  • North Bend

    Chelsea S.

    Mostly spent time at the Mill Casino. Quick drive!
  • North Bend

    Coleman T.

    The Hilltop restaurant. Great food and right around the corner.
  • North Bend

    Carmagene U.

    Bandon has a wonderful beach, great places to eat are close by, but we really enjoyed just staying a t the house.
  • North Bend

    David L.

    we brought our quads and had a blast on the dunes with them and also sand boarding.
    We also brought kites and flew them on the beach. Definitely a good idea.
  • North Bend

    Arlette P.

    My family stayed here during 4th of July. This house offered perfect viewing of several simultaneous firework displays. Beautiful view of bay and bridge. Lovely garden.
  • North Bend

    Candace A.

    Horsfall Beach was wonderful if you want to watch the waves. The Mills Casino is great fun for over 21!
  • North Bend

    Ralph D.

    Majestic shores, sunset bay, dunes
  • North Bend

    Lori T.

    We spend Easter with our family that live in Coos Bay it was just beautiful would stay there again!
  • North Bend

    Cathy S.

    Don't bypass YEONG'S in North Bend, check their specials - Buffalo burgers, Halibut burgers, Elk burgers etc. Shopping at Bi-Mart will save you some serious money.
  • North Bend

    Patty G.

    Went to some parks by the coast, which were amazing, plus we not only saw sea lions but 4 whales slso!!!
  • North Bend

    Betty D W.

    Hill top Cafe, only 5 min away, great view, great food.
  • North Bend

    Keith C.

    We enjoyed going to the dunes in North Bend. The local beach was pleasant and quiet.
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