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  • Troutdale

    Kristen S.

    We didn't get to explore too much of Troutdale during our stay because we were there to hit the slopes of Mt. Hood. We loved being an hour from the resorts because we could get out all day and night and still make it back to soak in the hot tub.
  • Troutdale

    Laura G.

    Only a couple blocks from historic dowtown. Antiques, coffee shop, galleries. Lots of fun
  • Troutdale

    Jacalyn B.

    sandy river park was a great place to walk and run
  • Troutdale

    Susan M.

    Loud and continuous traffic noise until wee hours from master Bedroom
  • Troutdale

    Jean J.

    Thoroughly enjoyed our day trip along State Route 30 seeing all of the waterfalls.
  • Troutdale

    Patrick T.

    Danby & Oxbow park. Mt. Hood
  • Troutdale

    Mary V.

    Conveniently located near the Gorge and Portland.
  • Troutdale

    Tara S.

    Conveniently located close to McMenamins Edgefield and about 20 minutes to the wedding we attended. Easy to get to downtown Portland, just be sure to factor in the traffic.
  • Troutdale

    Laura T.

    Silver Falls State Park hike was awesome! Loved seeing all of the famous falls along the Gorge and eating at the Best Western Mt. Hood Inn out on their deck next to the Columbia River was really fun. They have great fish and chips!
  • Troutdale

    Danielle B.

    Shirley's Tippy Canoe- great restaurant for breakfast or lunch!
  • Troutdale

    Deedee F.

    We loved Ristorante Di Pompello! Great food and offered Gluten Free pasta!
  • Troutdale

    Jose Antonio G.

    Columbia Gorge, falla, Mount Hood.
  • Troutdale

    Clifton B.

    It was only 15 minutes from the Chapel where the wedding was held so that made it very nice and easy to get too.
  • Troutdale

    Aline B.

    we enjoyed stopping for drinks and eating at Troutini restaurant which was at the end of the street. excellent wifi which is important to travelers.
  • Troutdale

    Coreen M.

    The Outlet Mall is close by and the park was a lot of fun.
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