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  • Vida

    Kimberly S.

    We really enjoyed Sahalie and Koosah Falls....worth the short drive....favorite part of our visit!
  • Vida

    Ashley B.

    We loved being secluded, it was very peaceful
  • Vida

    Dan K.

    Take the old mcKenzie highway
  • Vida

    Rita M.

    Sahalie Falls Hike was amazing!
  • Vida

    Abigail D.

    We put up several hammocks and enjoyed the fire pit on the riverbank. Also, wild Marionberries were so abundant that we picked them daily, making our own home made jam to take home with us.
  • Vida

    Robert P.

    McKenzie River trail and the Blue Pool are astonishing.
  • Vida

    Dan F.

    Mckenzie River Trail, Blue Pool
  • Vida

    Jenni H.

    We went to Blue Pool for a hike, it was gorgeous.
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