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Waldport is the perfect Oregon Coast vacation rental destination for those who like their beaches less crowded, their streets less congested, and their pace a little slower, while still staying close to all the action of the Central Oregon Coast. This sleepy fishing village is just half an hour's drive from Newport's star attractions, but provides a much more relaxing and laid-back atmosphere to enjoy at the end of the day. Plus, the town itself is surrounded by beautiful state parks and recreation areas, offering plenty of reasons to avoid the crowds up north and enjoy the great outdoors. Fishermen will be thrilled to find that the Alsea River winds through Waldport, bringing with it some of the region's best salmon and steelhead runs. Crabbing and clamming are also excellent here, with the Alsea Bay Bridge being a popular spot to drop traps and pots during Dungeness season. Stop by the Dock of the Bay Marina to rent all the equipment needed to catch the freshest dinner on the coast. Even non-fishermen will delight in paddling around Alsea Bay and its surrounding estuaries; visit the Kayak Shack, a rental shop run by entrepreneurial students at Waldport High School. Just outside of town, be sure to spend time exploring the tide pools at Seal Rock, beach combing at Ona Beach, or Governor Patterson Memorial State Recreation Site. Or, head inland to hike through the beautiful old-growth Sitka spruces in the often-overlooked Drift Creek Wilderness Area. A Waldport vacation rental offers more in the way of peace and quiet than lively restaurants or shopping, but is close to Newport (thirty minutes north) and Yachats (twenty minutes south). Both towns offer enough high-quality seafood restaurants, family-friendly burger bars, and cozy beach-town pubs to please everyone. For rainy day activities, Newport's aquarium, historic lighthouses, museums, and art galleries provide plenty of entertainment; to explore one of the Coast's most charming downtowns and stunning views, head to Yachats and the nearby Cape Perpetua Scenic Area. Waldport is only an hour from Corvallis, two from Salem, and less than three hours from Portland. Close to the hubbub of Newport, the charm of Yachats, and surrounded by natural beauty, a vacation rental in peaceful Waldport is certainly one of the best-kept secrets on the Central Oregon Coast. Don't miss out!