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  • Brighton

    Gail R.

    We had snow for Thanksgiving and it was magical! Had an amazing vacation.
  • Brighton

    Cynthia K.

    Secret lake is a beautiful spot to visit
  • Brighton

    LaDonna H.

    There is a lot of great hikes, at different strenuous levels -- something for everyone.
  • Brighton

    Lynsey B.

    Brighton is beautiful and convenient to many hikes, lakes, and other amenities.
  • Brighton

    Andrea L.

    So many hiking trails located nearby! Good for families or for adults looking for more of a challenge. Convenience store right across the street.
  • Brighton

    Gwen D.

    Our hike to Lake Mary, brunch at Silver Fork Cafe!
  • Brighton

    Jared S.

    Snowshoeing to donut falls was fun, and it was appropriate for the whole family since it was not too difficult of a hike.
  • Brighton

    Heath D.

    Lots of great dining options just over the mountain in Park City, UT. Not a lot in Brighton, but the drive to Park City was easy and beautiful.
  • Brighton

    William T S.

    Silver Lake, Guardsman Pass
  • Brighton

    Nicklaus C.

    The fishing/hiking was great!
  • Brighton

    Derick W.

    We loved the entire area and really enjoyed Silver Lake hike!
  • Brighton

    Nicole N.

    Beautiful but not easy to access grocery stores/restaurants
  • Brighton

    Steve H.

    Brighton is a hidden gem.
  • Brighton

    Becky H.

    We rented snow shoes at the nortic center and hiked to Donut Falls! Loved how close and easy it was to get to Brighton and Solitude!
  • Brighton

    Tonja B.

    Skiing/Snowboarding is within walking distance. It was nice that the kids could go and come and they pleased.
  • Brighton

    Brandon G.

    Hiking out Great Western for powder turns right down to the Hot Tub!
  • Brighton

    Jill F.

    Nordic Center, Donut Falls
  • Brighton

    Margaret N.

    Bear Trap was a perfect place to stay for my large family. My youngest daughter was married @ the Silver Fork Lodge so the Bear Trap was SO convenient! Plenty to entertain all ages @ the lodge & Cottonwood Canyon. A wonderful experience!!
  • Brighton

    Jonathan W.

    Big Cottonwood Canyon Campground, Silver Lake trail
  • Brighton

    Daniel (Chad) U.

    Twin Lakes and Solitude Lake hikes were both great. Silver Lake is also very pretty. Nice area.
  • Brighton

    Nicole M.

    Hiking up to Lake Mary, Lake Martha, & Lake Katherine - and Dog Lake! And hiking up to Lake Solitude, and Willow Lake - such beautiful hiking & great to do with kids!!
  • Brighton

    Robert P.

    Hiking was great
  • Brighton

    Eileen S.

    We hiked to Twin Lakes and fished at Silver Lake. The canyon is beautiful.
  • Brighton

    Lisa C.

    Early morning walk around the lake at Brighton, deer moose, ducks and beaver. So peaceful
  • Brighton

    Mariano C.

    Play room
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