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About Buenos Aires
In a country with towering mountains, gorgeous rainforests, and verdant river valleys, it may seem strange for nearly one-third of the population to gravitate towards one city. But once you visit Buenos Aires, you'll understand why 13 million people call the nation's capital home. Experience a unique mix of international influence and Argentine traditions from the comfort of one of our Buenos Aires vacation rentals!

Where is Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires lies in the eastern reaches of the fertile Pampas region, where lush valleys and farmland give way to urban sprawl, culminating in the dense city center at Rio de la Plata. Buenos Aires is also located across the water from Montevideo, so you can easily cross the border courtesy of a ferry.

The Cultural Mecca of Argentina

When it comes to Buenos Aires, we don't invoke the name of one of Europe's most celebrated cities lightly. Immigration from Spain, Italy, and Germany give the architecture a distinctly European influence. Everything from French Bourbon to Neo-Gothic styles can be found in the city alongside sleek modern skyscrapers. They aren't separated, either. Take a stroll down Bolívar Street or Estados Unidos and watch art deco and colonial architecture spring up alongside Italian baroque and modern facades. Even the Plaza de Mayo at the center of the city features a statue to General Manuel Belgrano reminiscent of Trafalgar Square.

Things to Do in Buenos Aires 

Buenos Aires boasts a wealth of influences from across the sea, but make no mistake: the city has an incredible array of culture all its own. Argentina is the home of Yerba Maté, parrillas, and dulce de leche, the city's signature innovation of ice cream.
After a rich meal, take your time to soak in Buenos Aires' burgeoning art scene. From stylish street art to the expertly-curated galleries of the MALBA (think the MOMA of South America) and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, works of all styles and origins have found a comfortable home in Argentina's capital. Looking for some aural stimulation instead? The Teatro Colón - one of Buenos Aires most famous landmarks - is renowned as one of the world's five best concert venues thanks to its perfect acoustics. While famous for opera, the Teatro Colón is a great place to take in Buenos Aires' cultural crown jewel: the tango. Sample the heart-stopping rhythms and passionate steps during an exhibition or sign up for a class to experience the dance firsthand!
Buenos Aires is the cultural epicenter for visitors to Argentina. Loosen your belt a few notches, prepare to take plenty of photos, and pick up some new dancing shoes - the adventure of a lifetime awaits you at one of our Buenos Aires vacation rentals!

Photo Credit: Mariano Mantel via Flickr