Cannes Vacation Rentals

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About Cannes

There’s never been a better time to experience this legendary festival hub for yourself! Our Cannes apartment rentals position you at the center of the action, whether you’re here for the film fest, a beach vacation, or a taste of French Riviera luxury. You’re cordially invited to revel in the glamour, natural beauty, and history of Cannes.

Where Is Cannes?

This town sits in the center of the fabulous French Riviera, a portion of the Mediterranean Coast frequented by the rich and famous. There’s plenty to do if you’re not on a Brad Pitt-sized budget, though, and Cannes vacation rentals has become known for its appeal to all kinds of travelers. A temperate climate, plentiful sunshine, and gorgeous beaches give the French Riviera its timeless charm.

Things To Do In Cannes

If you’re looking for a little retail therapy, browse La Croisette, the shopping strip housing a variety of luxury brands. Hop aboard a tour of the Iles de Lerins, Cannes’ scenic neighboring islands, for a taste of Mediterranean life. Of course, the town’s beaches are always available for those who just want to lounge in the sun.

Cannes may be famous for its celebrity sightings, but there’s a rental here for just about anyone, whether or not you’re famous. Come for the beaches, stay for the elegant culture and relaxing atmosphere. Peruse our Cannes apartments today!

Photo Credit: Chris Yunker via Flickr