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Keyhole Bay Vacation Rentals

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The Sunny Villa @ Keyhole Bay - West Bay, Honduras Vacation Rental
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About Keyhole Bay

Roatán is a gorgeous tropical destination with bustling beach towns and isolated stretches of coastline offering amazing experiences. Having trouble choosing your scene? Visit our Keyhole Bay vacation rentals - this peaceful community is near one of Roatán's busiest beach towns but still enjoys a low-key atmosphere and plenty of privacy.

Where is Keyhole Bay?

Keyhole Bay lies less than half a mile east of West Bay, the busiest spot on the island. Despite this, the community retains an isolated atmosphere devoid of West Bay's busy crowds. It's also only an 18-mile drive from even more relaxation at sleepy Parrot Tree.

Life in Keyhole Bay

Our Keyhole Bay vacation rentals let you have the best of both worlds on your island vacation. The isolated stretch of coastline allows you to take in crashing waves and fresh ocean air without bustling crowds while opportunities for adventure are only a quick walk away. West Bay's soft sandy beaches and restaurants like Beachers Bar & Grill are yours to discover, as are the animals and lush vegetation of nearby Gumbalimba Park.

You no longer have to choose between bustling West Bay and peace and quiet. With our Keyhole Bay vacation rentals, you can have both. Start planning your next adventure today!

Photo Credit: Daniel N Chinchilla via Flickr
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