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About West End

Crystal clear waters, sugar white sands, and a wealth of incredible cuisine - if you're looking for a fantastic tropical getaway, you'll find it in West End. Tucked away in Honduras' Bay Islands, the peaceful community offers incredible beaches to enjoy, along with a surprising variety of shops and restaurants to explore.

Shopping & Dining in West End

Located on the Caribbean Isle of Roatan, West End is only a quick ferry ride away from all the hustle and bustle of the Honduran mainland. With so many shops and restaurants to explore, however, you'll probably find yourself tempted to extend your vacation a day or two!

Woody's Grocery provides everything you need for whipping up your own meals, but don't stock up so much that you miss the chance to try the amazing nearby cuisines! Creoles Rotisserie Chicken offers savory fare at a reasonable price, while those in the mood for dinner with a hammock and ocean view can head to Sundowners.

West End and the Beach

Of course, the main reason to check out West End is its stunning stretch of Caribbean coastline. Soft white sand and clear waters make the shoreline a beautiful place to pass the time, and its western location means you can enjoy truly unforgettable sunsets.

Be sure to take advantage of the myriad ways of exploring the surrounding ocean waters. Multiple diving centers will take you under the waves to get acquainted with sea turtles, eels, or even sharks for those feeling brave! Fishing charters and kayaking tours offer even more ways to see the sea.

West End has everything you need for the perfect tropical adventure with your loved ones. Get started on your next vacation today!

Photo Credit: Lauri Väin via Flickr