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About Como

Tucked into a gorgeous section of northern Italy, in the shadow of the snow-crusted Alps, our Como, Italy vacation rentals put visitors within a stone's throw of the gorgeous city of Milan, known for its cathedrals and world-wide fashion presence. Whether you rent a car or take advantage of the fantastic train system throughout this area of Europe, Como is the perfect place to get a taste of both Italy and Switzerland. 

The best of Italian culture is right at your doorstep here! From famous churches and museums to traditional cuisine and well-known works of art, Como has it all, and our Lombardy vacation rentals will let you see the best of the region in comfort and luxury.

Where is Como, Italy?

Just 30 miles north of fashionable and chic Milan, Como is tucked into the base of the Alps, close to the Swiss border, in the Lombardy region of Italy. Easily accessible by train from Milan, this well-connected area allows guests to travel to different area adventures. The main town of the Lake Como area, Como has access to the lake, plenty of shops and restaurants, and historical attractions and sights that are fun for a couple's retreat or a family vacation.  

Things to Do in Como, Italy 

From walking along the dark passageways of cathedrals to exploring the ancient walls of the city, the historical sights near our Como, Italy vacation rentals are nearly endless.

Spend a day touring the magnificent Como Cathedral ("Duomo di Como" in Italian), the seat of the Catholic Diocese of Como. Known as the last cathedral in Italy built with Gothic-style architecture, this stunning building began construction in 1396 and was not fully completed for four centuries (construction ended in 1770 with the addition of a cupola). From magnificent 16th-century paintings to extravagant tapestries, a plethora of rare and beautiful artwork is on display in the cathedral.

Other attractions include the public gardens and museum at the Tempio Voltiano, one of the most visited museums in town, the Como-Brunate Funicular ("Funicolare Como-Brunate"), a funicular railway connecting Como with the small village of Brunate, and much more to see and do throughout this exciting and dynamic region!

Day Trips from Como, Italy

Como is a popular tourist destination for many reasons, chief among them being its proximity to Lake Como and the Alps. If you want to cross country borders and get even more of an international experience, Lugano, Switzerland is just 20 miles away! This mountainous region has all of the idyllic charm you would expect from Switzerland with gorgeous mountain views all around.

If you want to explore Milan, it's just a 30-mile drive or train ride south to Lombardy's capital city with an urban area of over five million people. The fifth largest city in the European Union, Milan boasts a presence as a world superpower in fashion and design, while its museums, cathedrals, and landmarks are some of the most celebrated in the world. From the massive Duomo di Milano to the Santa Maria delle Grazie (home of Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper"), many world-famous cultural and historical sights call Milan home.  

Ready to visit one of the most remarkable countries in the world? On your next Euro trip, consider a stay in one of our gorgeous Como, Italy vacation rentals. 

Photo Credit: Christopher Parkes via Flickr