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About Moltrasio

A visit to the province of Como in northern Italy, will likely take you through Moltrasio, a small but beautiful lakeside town on the shores of stunning Lake Como. Our lovely Moltrasio vacation homes will ensure a comfortable, nurturing home base throughout your stay.

Where is Moltrasio, Italy?

This peaceful town is located on the western shore of Lake Como in Lombardy, the most populous region in Italy. It is only 35 miles north of Milan and less than four miles from the Swiss border.

Things to Do in Moltrasio

Moltrasio is best known for its beautiful, gray stone villas, like Villa Passalacqua, the town's most important. Situated on the apex of a large, terraced garden, this stunning piece of architecture not only has a rich, historic presence, it also offers gorgeous views of Lake Como. The villa boasts an extravagant interior with lavish tapestries, sparkling Venetian chandeliers, sumptuous sculptures, and frescoes and paintings by Italian artists, Albertolli and Appiani.

Other villas worth a visit are Villa Pizzo, which features beautiful waterfalls and fountains; Villa Le Rose, known for its lush gardens; and Villa Fontanella, once home to the late fashion designer, Gianni Versace. 

The Church of St. Martin and the Church of St. Agatha are home to ancient relics and religious art, including the Holy Thorn, said to be a fragment of the crown of Christ, while the Oratory of San Rocco stands as a dedication to Vincenzo Bellini.

Take a boat ride and experience a glorious, scenic trip on the lake or hit Monte Bisbino, Colma du Bologna, or Sentee di Sort trails for hikes through forested terrain. 

Reserve one of our Moltrasio vacation rentals and make your dreams of Lake Como a reality!

Photo Credit: Britt-Marie Sohlstrom via Flickr