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About Cupramontana

Filled with scenic vineyards, stunning ruins, and rolling hillsides, the small city of Cupramontana offers an amazing retreat in the Marche region of Italy. Whether you're looking for culture, outdoor recreation, or wine tasting, you'll have it all in the surrounding area when you stay at one of our Cupramontana vacation rentals. 

Experience the beauty of Italy from this popular destination, which is about 14 miles south of the hillside city of Serra de' Conti and about 28 miles inland from the port city of Ancona. 

History of Cupramontana

This historic town dates back to the pre-Roman times. The town gets its name from Cupra, the fertility goddess of the Piceno people who inhabited this area in pre-Roman times. 

Throughout the centuries, this picturesque region has seen its share of war and peace. Today, that means an array of ruins and untold history for visitors to explore. The Roman ruins were eventually used for fortresses, due to their high location with views on the hilltop. 

Later on in the eighth through eleventh centuries, Cupramontana was home to the Benedictine and Camaldolese monks. Through the decades, the monks cultivated many vines in the area. By the 16th century, Cupramontana had a significant number of vineyards that led to a substantial winemaking business from the 18th century that is still thriving today. 

Winemaking in Cupramontana

With monks cultivating the vineyards for centuries, it's no surprise there's a rich wine culture in Cupramontana. Visit the historic grotto caves at the Caterina Monastery to get started, where you can tour the Wine Label museum and learn (and taste!) all about the area's main industries - wine, cured meats, cheeses, and more. The Verdicchio white wines are a defining part of this region, offering a versatile, unique taste that's unparalleled in all of Italy. 

Things to Do in Cupramontana

Thanks to the rich history of Cupramontana, there are endless caves, monasteries, and ruins to explore. You'll find several historic monasteries in the area, including The Hermitage of the White Friars. This monastery was named for the sandstone caves that were excavated to create the complex that was once inhabited by hermits.

The Poggio Cupro is another must-see - this medieval wall structure was restored in the early 16th century. Tour the inside of the castle to see stunning frescos as well as a painted wooden statue of Christ that dates back to the early 1500s.

If you're looking for some fun in the sun, head to the beach a short drive 20-mile drive away. The beautiful beaches of Senigallia offer a wonderful place to lounge in the sun, or go swimming and boating in the Adriatic Sea near Monte Conero. Closer inland, there's also the Lake of Cingoli for more water sports and the Aquapark Eldorado for a great family-friendly option. 

For an amazing getaway to the wine country of Central Italy, stay in one of our Cupramontana vacation rentals!
Photo Credit: Davide via Flickr