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About Morro d'Alba

Stroll cobblestone streets, sip dark red wine, sample Italian fare, and admire ancient museum artifacts on your next European vacation. Time spent in Morro D'Alba will make you acutely aware of Italy's ancient history, and our lovely vacation rentals will put you in a prime position to enjoy a comfortable and memorable Italian vacation in this lovely Medieval community.

Where is Morro D'Alba, Italy?

Perched atop lush hills, Morro D'Alba is located in Italy's Marche region, six miles from the Adriatic Sea. It sits between the seaside resort town of Senigallia and the artistic center of Jesi, both of which are great for day trips.

Things to Do in Morro D'Alba, Italy

One of Morro D'Alba's biggest attractions is its mura citadina (city walls). These ancient stone walls provide a walkway for easy strolls while reminding you of bygone eras. Sample regionally made salami and pecorino cheese paired with the region's claim to fame: Lacrima di Morro d'Alba wine. After a nice dinner out, try the vino visciole, a digestive made of red wine and sour cherries.

Visit Antica Cantina Sa 'Amico, one of the Marche region's oldest family-run wineries. Take a tour and sample their red, white, and rosé wines, and pick up some extra virgin olive oil, another product of this well-established icon.

The Utensillia Museum offers exhibits of handmade tools and devices historically made and used by area farmers. They're housed in eight themed rooms and tell a fascinating story about the Marche farmers' ability to create and maintain a strong and thriving industry. The museum is located under La Scarpa, the city's castle, in a series of rooms with partial access to tunnels built in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

A vacation to any part of the gorgeous countryside of Italy is unforgettable, and time spent in one of our lovely Morro d'Alba vacation rentals will only enhance your stay.

Photo Credit: Luca Boldrini via Flickr