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About Todi

A picturesque town perched atop a hill in the Perugia province of central Italy, Todi boasts expansive views of rolling countryside and the river Tiber. Though it is chock full of medieval history, the way that Todi has reinvented itself over time has earned it a reputation as one of the world's most livable cities. Our vacation rentals place you close to the heart of all the action so you can experience Italy the way you want to!

History of Todi

Legend has it that Todi was built by the great hero Hercules. The city bordered on the lands of the Etruscans and had defensive walls capable of stopping Hannibal at the height of his power. Notable archaeological finds from the city include a bronze statue of the god Mars from the time before Christianity took root in Todi. There are ancient Roman cisterns around the city, which were used all the way up until 1925.

The Piazza del Popolo sports several medieval monuments in good repair to transport you to the past, such as the co-cathedral church, the Palazzo del Capitano, and the Palazzo del Priore. The piazza is frequently used as a movie set, and also houses some fantastic eateries - especially for those in the mood for gelato!

Things to Do in Todi

Archaeology buffs flock to the Museo Archeologico e Pinacoteca Comunale, a small museum with an impressive collection of uncovered coins and pottery. In addition to visiting the numerous old churches, many of which still hold services, tourists can buy tickets to tour the cisterns.

There are excellent restaurants in town, especially Massimos, which serves locally raised meat. Todi may not be as famous as Milan for its fashion, but visitors to Minciarelli will still find the best Italian and international clothing brands for sale. Wine aficionados will want to try the vintages at Roccafiore Winery - the tasting area outside overlooks the rolling hills and makes a lovely afternoon, and you might purchase some bottles to bring back and enjoy at your vacation rental.

Day Trips from Todi

It's not hard to get to the most famous Italian cities from Todi. A drive 89 miles to the south takes you to Rome, the birthplace of Western civilization. No trip to Italy is complete without a visit to the Coliseum.

Pack up the car and take a scenic drive through the beautiful hillsides of Tuscany to reach the art lover's paradise of Florence 120 miles away. Spend hours in the Uffizi gazing at the works of great painters like Botticelli, or see Michaelangelo's famous statue of David at the Galleria dell'Accademia. Though that is the most famous David in the city, we recommend visiting the Bargello Museum to compare it with the statues of David by Verrocchio and Donatello - you may find you actually prefer one of them!

Enjoy Italy as it's meant to be experienced by staying in a charming vacation home with local color.

Photo Credit: Heather Phillips via Flickr