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About Ometepe Island
Ometepe Island is a perfect example of how there's more to Nicaragua ( than beaches and jungles. Explore volcanic geography or take in centuries of history while staying in one our comfortable vacation rentals - there's something on Ometepe for everyone!

Where is Ometepe Island?

Rising out of the massive Lake Nicaragua - nicknamed Mar Dulce (Sweet Sea) by the locals - Ometepe Island is a quick ferry ride away from the Rivas district. This makes it easy for our staff to maintain our homes and assist when needed. Visitors will find it easy to explore the rest of Nicaragua. At the same time, the island is a nice destination to visit from the nearby Aqua Wellness Resort.

Natural Beauty on Ometepe Island

With Lake Nicaragua all around it, it's no surprise that the island has some amazing beaches! The soft black sands of beaches like Santo Domingo serve as a reminder of the unique volcanic geography of the isle. The two volcanoes, Maderas and Concepción, tower above the rest of the island, providing a dramatic backdrop for activities like kayaking through the Rio Istian and diving into the waters of hidden lagoons. The volcanoes are even the root of Ometepe's main industry: farming! Rich plantains, as well as less exotic crops, grow well in the volcanic soil. Organic meat, cheese, and vegetables are available throughout the island - be sure to bring an appetite!

Culture and History on Ometepe Island

People have lived on Ometepe Island for thousands of years, and traces of their history live on. The Ometepe Museum in Altagracia features ancient petroglyphs of these early islanders. The whole island is considered an architectural site, with generations of archeologists spending their days discovering history amidst stunning surroundings.

The current inhabitants of Ometepe carry on the traditions of the past through the island's famous festivals. The community of 40,000 celebrates far more festivals than mainland Nicaragua. A decent entry point into this exciting aspect of Ometepe culture is the tourism festival in December.

Take a look at our Ometepe Island vacation rentals today and begin the trip of a lifetime!

Photo Credit: Ralph Kränzlein via Flickr
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