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About Tola

Warm sunshine, gentle waves, and soft, sandy beaches await you in Nicaragua, one of the most beautiful locations to visit in Central America. If you're looking to make the most of the region's gorgeous Emerald Coast, a visit to one of our Tola vacation rentals - if not an extended stay - should top your itinerary. From scattered villages and larger cities to stunning Pacific beauty, the municipality of Tola is one you definitely don't want to miss!

Tola and Small Towns Nearby

Encompassing 184 square miles of Nicaragua, Tola's interior is defined by gorgeous rural tranquility, with villages scattered amongst the green fields and foliage. Chief among them, of course, is the village of Tola itself - a tiny town with a selection of charming restaurants, as well as more impressive sights like the local church, the San Juan de Tola.

Driving through the gorgeous Nicaraguan countryside, with its rolling hills, swaying trees, and expansive fields under bright blue skies, is its own reward - and if you stop by a few of the other villages in the area, so much the better! Nancimí is just three miles of gorgeous driving to the north, while the beautiful churches and rushing waters of the Nagualapa River are just 18 miles away!

Fun in the Sun by the Emerald Coast

The Emerald Coast stretches from San Juan del Sur in the south to the fishing village of El Astillero in the north. When you stay in one of our lovely vacation rentals it's easy to visit both locations, as well as the bevy of beach towns in between!

Guacalito de la Isla lets you relax on two gorgeous beaches, with golfing awaiting you at the world-class golf course. Also nearby is the charming village of Playa Gigante, with a massive stretch of beach lined with delicious restaurants like Pili's Kitchen. There's even a nearby Spanish academy - Pie de Gigante Spanish School - offering lessons so you can impress your friends!

If you'd like to experience more of the sea than just watching the waves from afar, take a few lessons and head to beaches like Playa Santana, Playa Colorado, and Panga Drops for some incredible surfing! Of course, the northern part of the Emerald Coast is incredible too, with Playa Popoyo offering freshwater fun alongside the beauty of the sea. El Astillero lies at the northernmost edge of Rivas, with a lovely beach framed by shade from nearby trees.

Day Trips from Tola

Largely an easygoing, coastal province, Tola has little in the way of big cities of its own - but if you're willing to venture near the outskirts, you can enjoy those of nearby provinces! Just nine miles away, Rivas is closer to the town of Tola than many of the beaches and villages within the province and boasts a population of 41,000 - nearly double that of Tola. Dozens of shops and restaurants await you, along with impressive sights like the gorgeous statue of Parque Central, which includes a playground to keep the kids entertained.

Farther south, meanwhile, lies San Juan del Sur, one of the larger beach towns on the Emerald Coast. Take in gorgeous masonry and sweeping ocean views from the statue of Jesus En Ti Confio, then have a nice stroll alongside the rushing Escondido River, following all the way to where it meets the ocean on Playa San Juan del Sur. Best of all, you get to see the breathtaking beauty of Tola all over again as you drive back to your vacation rental!

Photo Credit: jipe via Flickr