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About Andalusia

Boasting the largest population and second-largest land area of all the autonomous regions of Spain, Andalusia is an amazing vacation destination. A wide diversity of landscapes, rich cultural history, and plenty of cities all come together to make the area a quintessential stop on your next trip to the country. Browse our selection of vacation rentals here and experience it for yourself!

The Capital of Andalusia

Andalusia is the most populous region of the country, housing nearly one-fifth of the people in Spain. There are eight provinces in Andalucia, with most of the population spread between the area's plentiful cities. Seville, the capital, is the fourth largest in all of Spain, and having once been occupied by Romans, Muslims, and Christians throughout various points in history, has a unique array of architecture that makes for great sightseeing. Take a break between shopping and dining excursions to visit landmarks like the Torre del Oro watchtower by the river, or the grand St. Mary of the Sea Cathedral.

History and Culture in Andalusia

Thanks to a rich history and mixture of a multitude of cultures, Andalusia is full of castles, fortresses, and monasteries. Not just in the big cities like Seville and Córdoba, either - even the smallest of countryside villages has works of art to enjoy in the form of altarpieces, which come in the form of paintings and precious metal sculptures. In addition to these static works of art, you can take in living, breathing culture in the form of seasonal festivals, such as Easter and Corpus Christi parades in the spring and summertime, and sacred Romería processions all year round.

Andalusia's Diverse Landscape

Over 18% of Andalusia's land area is covered in natural preserves, letting you admire mile after mile of incredible geographic wonders. The region's coastline has a perfect climate - with the hottest summers in Spain, you'll love spending afternoons relaxing on the sandy beaches and watching the gentle waves of the Alboran Sea. Inland, lie the forests of Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, Sierra de las Nieves, and Sierra Bermeja, all of which offer unique opportunities to walk amongst majestic swaying firs.

Don't forget about Tabernas in the inland province of Almería, where you can enjoy the unique, harsh beauty of the only desert in mainland Europe. In the southwest of the region, meanwhile, lies the stunning peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the protected national park, which houses the Sierra Nevada Observatory and has also been declared a biosphere reserve.

From the rich history and culture of Catalonia to the sunny shores of the Canary Islands and Mallorca in the Balearic Sea, there are plenty of places in Spain worth your time. But our vacation rentals in Andalusia offer a unique opportunity to explore a vast land with rich history where you'll have the best of both worlds - natural sights and sprawling cities standing side-by-side. We've got plenty of vacation homes to consider, so don't hesitate - get looking!

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