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About Andratx

Lying at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - and built several miles inland from its port city to deter pirate raids in the 15th century, Andratx is a sleepy town boasting plentiful natural beauty. A stay at one of our Andratx holiday rentals will let you see for yourself why so many Europeans in the know find this town so fascinating.

Like the rest of Mallorca, Andratx was home to Romans, Moors, and others throughout history. A traditional Mallorcan town, its character and vibe hasn't changed much over the centuries. You're just as likely to see a villager hawking his wares at the weekly market as you would a tourist snapping postcard-worthy shots of the mountains. It's no wonder our Andratx holiday rentals are such a hit.

Things to Do in Andratx

Although smaller than other mountain towns in the region, Andratx still boasts plenty of appeal. Christian pilgrims invariably visit the 13th century Santa Maria church in town. You can see its tower peaking through the trees as you drive through the valley. The CCA Andratx Art Centre is the largest modern art museum on the island. You'll find paintings, sculptures, installations, and photos from world-renowned and local artists. It also hosts three international exhibitions a year and its artist-in-residence program is one of the most accessible in all of Spain.

Set amid orange and almond trees, Andratx is the definition of beauty. Trekkers will especially like the town as a base for hiking in the area. Three area hikes take you on three- to six-mile journeys up the mountains to an elevation of more than 1,000 feet.

After a day of hiking, you may be in the mood for a glass of Sherry. Port d'Andratx is less than four miles away and is a cozy fishing village popular with yachters and European movie stars. The harbor is one of the prettiest in all of Mallorca and the town boasts a plethora of waterside bars and eateries that offer sublime food and people watching. The Cala Llamp Bay beach is idyllic and tranquil in the off season, but becomes a veritable bastion of eye candy come midsummer.

Day Trips from Andratx

Andratx is on the western end of Mallorca, but the entire island is easily accessible from it. Palma de Mallorca is less than 18 miles to the east and boasts plenty of nightlife offerings. Medieval and charming Alcúdia is known for its Roman ruins, Pollença is all about the cloisters, and Sóller has a Natural History Museum and botanical gardens that shouldn't be missed.

Small-town hospitality and natural wonder await you at one of our Andratx holiday rentals.

Photo credit: Andrés Nieto Porras