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About Marratxí

When it comes to a getaway to Spain's gorgeous Balearic Islands, you have a difficult choice: embrace the countryside tranquility of villages like Felantix, or the seaside excitement of destinations like Alcudia? With one of our vacation rentals in Marratxí, you no longer have to choose - you can have both!

The Villages of Marratxí

Nestled just 10 miles northeast of the island's bustling capital of Palma, Marratxí is less of a coherent city than it is a municipality consisting of several villages. Marratxinet lies at the center, while nearby settlements like Pont d'Inca, Pla de na Tesa, Sa Cabaneta, Pórtol, Es Caulls, and more also make up the region. Its convenient location near the ocean has caused the population to grow to over 35,000 people, but the region still maintains its unique, low-key charm.

Walk down narrow, tree-lined streets and enjoy some fresh air, stopping at the occasional souvenir shop or restaurant along the way. Each village has its own sights, from a shopping mall in Es Caulls to grand cathedrals in some of the other villages. From the Parish of San Alonso Rodriguez in Pont d'Inca to Our Lady of Carmen in Pórtol, there are plenty of sights for you to see just a short distance from your home!

The Busy Streets of Palma

After spending a few days taking it easy in the countryside, step out of your vacation rental and prepare for a rich day of exploring Mallorca's most populous city! With a population of about 400,000, Palma is a vibrant city with a town center to match in the Plaza de España. Have a quick bite to eat in a café before exploring the ancient Moorish palace, which doubles as the current resident of the King of Palma de Mallorca. Don't worry about keeping the kids entertained - if they don't love taking in some history in town, they'll be sure to enjoy a trip to the Palma Aquarium or a fun day on the soft white sands of the closest beach.

History and Natural Beauty on Mallorca

Marratxí's location makes it easy to see both the rich cultural history and stunning natural beauty the Balearic Islands are famous for. Nearby services like Ondine Escape let you try rock climbing, scuba diving, and more. If you're daring, take a private helicopter tour through the Aviation Centre to see the trees and hills of the island from the air! 

To the west, meanwhile, are the gorgeous greens of the three Arabella golf courses, as well as the grandeur of Castell de Bellver, the island's largest historical museum. Once you're done with that, there are a wealth of small villages awaiting you further inland. From the riverside towns of the north to the plains and hills of the east, your adventure in Mallorca has only just begun!

A visit to Marratxí is a visit without limits. Your vacation home will give you easy access to fun days in the city, quiet afternoons in the countryside, and plenty of access to nearby natural beauty. It's just what you need to shake up your next Spanish getaway!

Photo Credit: Click-mallorca via Flickr